Track Workout + New Gear

The Northface fleece (size up), Nike tank (size up), Ivy Park capri leggings (size up), Nike sneakers, Nike hat, Bobble water bottle

nike-print-racerback-tank     nike-featherlight-baseball-capthe-north-face-glacier-quarter-zip-pullover strenght-dinosaur-walk

Dinosaur Walk – Get in a lunge position, chest up, and start walking like a dinosaur. You should feel it in your quads and glutes.

power-skipping-knee-ups     endurance-walking-lunges

Skipping Knee Ups –  Skip while raising your knee up to your chest, alternating legs (leg and arms should be opposite) / Walking Lunges – lunge and hop up into a standing position alternating legs.


Sprints – well, they’re just sprints.

nike-juvenate-sneaker-in-cool-greynike-juvenate-workout-sneakerivy-park-capri-leggingsnike-juvenate-sneaker    crystalin-marie-wearing-nike-print-racerback-tank crystalin-marie-wearing-nike-juvenate-sneakerthe-north-face-glacier-quarter-zip-pullover-in-light-gray-heather

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

First and foremost, thank you so much for all your feedback on last week’s post about aging and treating my body better. Hearing how you fit your workouts into your busy schedules was super inspiring  (I’m still in the process of responding to all of you). I think having an open dialogue with you guys is really helpful. It keeps me accountable, but also makes me feel less alone. I’m not the only one who fell off the wagon… and more importantly, I can easily get back on.

One of the workouts I tend to always fall back on is my track workouts with Mike. We’ve been doing these for years and what I love most about them are the results. I happen to love high intensity workouts. I played soccer up until after college, so breaking a sweat while running always makes me feel good. It’s also nice that the workout touches on all 4 energy systems in the body – strength, endurance, speed, and power (it’s known that if you’re good with all 4, your body is at it’s healthiest). The exercises are killer (hi, my legs want to fall off every time), but it’s one of the best workouts you’ll ever do and you’re booty will start looking all jlo-like.  

Since working out outdoors is probably coming to an end real soon, we’re going to fit as many of these in as we can. While these workouts don’t necessarily fit into my busy work schedule, I do love getting away from the office, spending time with Mike, and getting some fresh air. For those of you who work regular 9-5’s, this workout is great for the weekends with friends or significant others.  For those of you who do quick indoor, at-home workouts, I would love to hear any of your recommendations (we’re coming up on the rainy season). 

As mentioned last week, I want to briefly talk about some new workout gear.  If I’m not wearing workout pants, I’m wearing capri leggings. They’re absolutely perfect for my petite frame (cropped leggings tend to make me look really short). I had only been able to find this style workout capri at one retailer, but I was so excited to see them at Nordstrom. I’m wearing these (size up), but I’m actually really excited to try these too. I also finally snagged a new pair of workout shoes. The Nike Juvenate sneakers are super lightweight and actually have a sock-like fit, which I love. They’re extremely comfortable, run TTS, and come in 4 other colors. And lastly, The Northface Glacier zip pullover is the perfect lightweight layer for your workouts. It’s warm, but still light and breathable. Northface activewear usually runs large for me, but the xs in the fleece fit perfect.

They say, new workout gear tends to help get you moving and I must say, it’s so true. You gotta look the part to play the part, right?

Created in collaboration with Nordstrom