4 Ways to Look Chic on Your Off Days

Ann Taylor sandalsBanana Republic tee // Bella Luxx cardigan // One Teaspoon shorts // Ann Taylor sandals (sold out, similar) // J.Crew Uptown tote // Ray-Ban original aviators

Bella Luxx black caridgan

Bella Luxx cardigan

J.Crew Black Uptown tote

Banana Republic linen tee

One Teaspoon Dusty bandit shorts

J.Crew uptown totePhotos by Natalie Dressed

Ever have those days when you don’t feel like getting ready but you need to leave the house to run some errands? If I’m being honest, this is the story of my life. I work from home, so showering every morning, spending the time putting on makeup, and picking out an outfit is not always on the agenda. So, when some of those weekly errands come up, tailor, post office, or mall run, I tend to get ready in 10 mins, do one or more of the following and head out the door.

Rather than always heading out in workout clothes or yoga pants, I thought I’d share my 4 tips on how to look chic without really getting ready.

1. Wear a hat – If I have hair that’s 1-2 days old, I tend to always wear a hat. I don’t typically like to wear my hair up when I’m wearing regular clothes (only with workout clothes), so to cover up bed head, greasy hair, or just a plain bad hair day, I throw on either a panama hat or fedora. Hats are chic, so it’s a win win.

2. Re-curl your hair and add texturizing gel/cream/spray – If I’ve curled my hair the day before and it still looks semi decent, I will re-curl it and add texturizing gel (using Paul Mitchell Wax Works). This gives me fresh curls and the gel gives me volume. Sometimes, it looks like it would if I had showered and blew it out (this is exactly what I did in these photos).

3. Color coordinate – When you’re running errands or need to get out the door in 10 mins, picking out an outfit isn’t always a priority. Instead of spending time trying to put a cute look together, focus on color coordinating. Match your bag to your sweater or shoes to your belt. This is the easiest way to help you look put together.

4. Throw on foundation/powder/concealer, bronzer, and mascara – This one is a game changer. Just a little bit of each of these goes a long way. It’s fast, easy, and makes you look awake and fresh, but still natural. Sometimes I’m convinced this 3 step process should become my everyday look.

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