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In 2019 I switched to mostly all clean beauty and makeup products and in 2020 I hope to continue this trend and share more of what I’m loving with you. I recently teamed up with Walmart to try their new Cleen Beauty line and I’m so excited to share my feedback. This beauty line is effective, clean, inclusive for everyone, and it’s all under $10. They created 5 unique regimens made to mix and match, so you can choose a formula that works for you.

Rather than picking products based on a formula, I chose Cleen Beauty for Walmart products that spoke to me. I’m still learning my skin, so I wanted to test out products I knew I would use on a daily basis and products I’ve been wanting to try. The first thing I noticed was the branding. I love the simple and elevated branding and the black and white color combo is so pretty. Some of the main takeaways – everything is very gentle on the skin, most is fragrance free (which is huge for me), and it’s clean beauty that everyone can afford. If you’re ready to switch over to clean beauty products, but don’t want to break the bank, or maybe you’re slowly transitioning and don’t want to overspend, this is a great line to check out. 

Cleen Beauty Rosehip Jelly Face Cleanser – This cleanser is super gentle, yet works well. I love that my skin feels squeaky clean after a wash.

Cleen Beauty Mineral Spf 30 Face Moisturizer – I love the texture of this moisturizer! Spf in moisturizers can be tricky (leave your face all white or greasy), but this one is really nice. It’s also super hydrating. 

Cleen Beauty Fragrance Free Face Wipes – I’ve been using these everyday to take off my makeup. I don’t usually use wipes, so I can’t compare them to others, but they’re gentle on the face and take off your makeup. 

Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist –  I love the idea of this mist. I like to refresh my makeup/face halfway through the day and this does the trick. It does have a pretty strong smell for me, so unfortunately, I won’t be using it. Keep in my, I’m very sensitive to smells, even if they’re good smells. I would still recommend this if you’re in the market for a refresh, tone, moisturizing spray. 

Cleen Beauty Lavender Chamomile Night Cream – This night cream is super refreshing. It isn’t overly thick or greasy and the scent is very calming.

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Special thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post.