DIY Dot Canvases

After several months with nothing on the walls in the living and dining room I knew I had to get to work. We hadn’t seen anything we loved and we didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I thought, why not DIY it. I loved the idea of doing dots when I spotted this and this and I knew I wanted to do something similar. We could tackle it as a couple, it fits in with our home, and we could call it our own. If I had done this project in my office I probably would have gone with the bright colors (so fun!), but since we did it in our more neutral color living room, we used more muted tones.

Overall, we both love how it turned out. The colors work so well in our living room and the added gold (looks yellow in photos) really pops with the other gold accents in the room. Totally worth the time and money!

{from left to right- teal, brown, tan, white, gold, black}

{we cut about 3/4″ circles}

Materials (all bought at Michaels except the potatoes):
3 white canvases (we used 18X24)
Paint brushes
Acrylic paints
Plastic cups and plates (to mix paints)

I followed the directions listed here. The one thing we made a mistake on was drawing horizontal lines and not just tiny marks. We thought the tiny marks would take too long to measure out, when in fact, it probably has taken longer to erase the pencil lines. And, lets just say, pencil doesn’t erase well on canvas.

A couple of notes:
– The potato rounds do not need to be cut perfectly. We had trouble with this at first, but then realized the more imperfect they were, the better.
– All materials cost about $100.
– Have fun mixing the colors.
– Since we had two people working on it, we cut our time in half from 7-8 to 4 hours.
– Each dot is about 2 inches apart.
– The gold looks yellow in pictures but really pops in person.