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Happy humpday! I’m so excited to bring you another post in the Dressing Room Diaries series! This roundup is extra special because I was able to stop into two of my favorite stores (besides Nordstrom), Madewell and Anthropologie. First of all, I had no clue the Portland Anthro carried petite sizes. We have one of those remodeled Anthropologies, which are huge, and I had never been upstairs. Clearly, I was missing out! Hopefully, I can get downtown every month to try on a few new things for you. I should also mention, I didn’t know I would be shopping on the day I was wearing overalls, so apologies for what looks like a new trend I’m trying to start, lol. Let me know if you want to see me try on any other spring/summer trends for next month’s post.

Anthropologie Embroidered scilla open shoulder top 3

Anthropolgie scilla open-shoulder top 2
Anthropolgie scilla open-shoulder top 1

Anthropologie Striped Cold Shoulder top (petite xxs) – This top had been on my wishlist for awhile. The cold shoulder details add a fresh take on your basic button down blouse, plus the stripes. I mean, I can never pass up a good striped top. The petite xxs ran pretty big. The arm holes were quite large and the width was too oversized.  Tucked in, I think I could have still made this work, but figured I’d wait and see if it was something I couldn’t stop thinking about (when this happens, I usually go back and get it, lol). It’s a very versatile piece – Wear it with jeans (black, white, or denim), shorts, or even overalls!

Anthropologie Embroidered soleil top 1

Anthropologie Embroidered soleil top 2
Anthropologie Embroidered soleil top 3

Anthropologie Striped Embroidered Blouse (petite xxs) – This top is super cute on the rack. You can’t really beat stripes paired with embroidered details. Sadly, it was a little too short and wide for my liking – shapeless almost. If the torso length was longer or the sleeves didn’t poof out so much, I think it could have worked. The back also has tassel details which was super cute. Bummed this top didn’t work because it’s friggin adorable!

Anthropologie Floral texture blouse 2

Anthropologie Floral texture blouse 3
Anthropologie Floral texture blouse 1

Anthropologie White Cold Shoulder Top (petite xs ) – They only had the petite xs in the store, but decided to try it on anyway. I love the linen material and the subtle cold shoulder embroidery, but it definitely ran big. I do think it has an oversized fit, in general, so you may want to size down. The sleeves are ¾ length and a bit billowy. It’s a great piece to wear through the spring and summer.

Anthropologie gingham off the shoulder dress 2
Anthropologie gingham off the shoulder dress 1
Anthropologie gingham off the shoulder dress 3
Anthropologie gingham off the shoulder dress 4

Anthropologie Gingham Off the Shoulder Dress (petite xxs) – This dress looked absolutely adorable on. The length was also really great, not too short and not too long. Sadly, the petite xxs was still too roomy in the torso. Dresses like this are a little tricky. They’re not form fitting, so you have to be careful with fit, as you don’t want to look like a paper bag. I love, love the black gingham print and the functional pockets. If you’ve been eyeing this dress, I would say size down.

Madewell cold-shoulder top in white 2
Madewell cold-shoulder top in white 3
Madewell cold-shoulder top in white 1
Madewell cold-shoulder top in white 5

Madewell Cold Shoulder Top  (xxs) – My aunt has the dress version of this top in indigo, so I decided to try it on. I love the cold shoulder detail and the simple design, but the xxs ran a little big in the torso and the arms. I think the top is meant to run oversized, but it’s a bit overwhelming on me, for my liking. It’s a really cute and versatile shirt (and not sheer) for spring, but just too big. If you’ve been eyeing it, I would recommend sizing down.

Madewell short-sleeved tie-front shirt in pink stripe 4
Madewell short-sleeved tie-front shirt in pink stripe 1

Madewell Pink Striped Knot Blouse (xxs) – I have both the plain white knot blouse and the tee, so I had to try this pink version on. The material is very thin and soft, but also slightly sheer. The xxs has an oversized fit, which after washing, would be perfect for me. The pink is very subtle, so if you’ve been loving all things blush like I have, this would be a nice piece to add to your wardrobe.

Madewell off-the-shoulder cover up romper 1

Madewell off-the-shoulder cover up romper 2
Madewell off-the-shoulder cover up romper 3

Madewell Romper (xxs) –  I didn’t realize this was a coverup until I put it on and it was completely sheer. It’s super cute, but didn’t fit my proportions. I have a long torso, so the bottoms were riding up. The xxs fits pretty snug, so I would recommend sizing up.

Madewell indigo side-button skirt 1
Madewell indigo side-button skirt 3

Madewell Indigo Midi Skirt (00) – I knew this skirt was going to be big, but I’m all about midi skirts right now, so I was hoping I could roll the waist and get away with it. But, there’s just too much material for my small frame. Once I rolled the skirt, the length was fine, it was the excessive material that was still quite overwhelming. The indigo color is a nice neutral, so I could see it being super versatile. The buttons are supposed to be on the side, but I tried it on with the buttons in the front. To me, it seemed cuter. The skirt comes in an assortment of colors and prints for those of you loving this style.

Madewell oxford bedtime pajamas 1

Madewell oxford bedtime pajamas 3
Madewell oxford bedtime pajamas 2

Madewell Pink Striped PJ Set (xxs) – These are adorable! A bit pricey for a set of pj’s, but if you’re going to wear them a ton, than go for it. I always justify the price of something by how often I will wear it. Soft, comfortable, and perfectly oversized. I’ve noticed with short pj sets, the bottoms always run really small and short. These are bigger than my Splendid set, but just something to keep in mind. Maybe go TTS in the top and size up in the bottoms.

Bp. peplum top 2

Bp. peplum top 6
Bp. peplum top 1

BP. Chambray Tank (xxs) – This peplum tank is absolutely adorable. The xxs fit really well and I love the high-neck. I would say the color is a gray/blue, which is a perfect neutral for spring. You can wear it with black or white. If you like to cover your hips, like I do, this is a great warm weather option.

Sincerely Jules Destroyed cotton sweatshirt 3

Sincerely Jules Destroyed cotton sweatshirt 2
Sincerely Jules Destroyed cotton sweatshirt 1

Sincerely Jules Distressed Sweatshirt (xs) – Sweatshirt, distressing, and beige – could this not be more perfect for me? The xs fits oversized, which could work, but I’m wondering how the xxs fits. I would say the color is more beige and less green in-person, which I happen to like. For the price, I think the material could be a lot softer. It also comes in black and blue.  

Rebecca Minkoff celestine eyelet ruffle top 4
Rebecca Minkoff celestine eyelet ruffle top 1

Rebecca Minkoff Off the Shoulder Top (xs) – I had been lusting over a very similar top from Rebecca Minkoff from a couple years ago. I’m so glad they brought it back because it’s stunning. Aside from the gorgeous eyelet details, I love the sleeves. The way they’re attached allow you to move your arms without having the sleeves constantly rising up. The xs is slightly too big on me (wide with a lot of material), so I’m thinking about snagging it in an xxs. A go-to for sure in the spring and summer!

Chelsea28 crochet tank 3
Chelsea28 crochet tank 4
Chelsea28 crochet tank 2
Chelsea28 crochet tank 1

Chelsea28 Tank (xs) – I’m not a big tank person, but this one is so pretty. It has a pretty low neckline, though. I had to pull the top up in order to take appropriate photos, lol. If you don’t mind a little cleavage, this top would be a great spring to summer piece. You can dress it down with a pair of shorts or dress it up with skinny jeans and heels. Other than sitting low on the neckline, everything else fit pretty well. I’m wondering if the xxs would eliminate the whole excessive cleavage thing.

Current:Elliott the ruffle roadie tee 4
Current:Elliott the ruffle roadie tee 2
Current:Elliott the ruffle roadie tee 3
Current:Elliott the ruffle roadie tee 1

Current / Elliott Blush Ruffle Tee (0) –  I had been eyeing this tee for a while. I’m all for sprucing up a basic tee and that’s exactly what the ruffles do. I’m also a sucker for anything in this color family right now (give me all the blush/rose pieces). I’m glad I tried it on because it runs really big. I’m wearing the smallest size, so unfortunately I can’t size down. The quality is nice and soft, though. Pricey for what it is, for sure. Just in case you find it on sale, make sure you size down. Oh and btw- it’s a lot lighter in person than it appears online. 

4si3nna ruffle off the shoulder blouse 4
4si3nna ruffle off the shoulder blouse 1
4si3nna ruffle off the shoulder blouse 6
4si3nna ruffle off the shoulder blouse 9

4Si3nna Off the Shoulder Top (xs) – This top is so much sexier on than I thought it would be. I actually had to take off my bra in order to look normal (sorry if that’s TMI). It comes with a built-in bra of sorts and also has an open back, which is not pictured. I’ve worn 4Si3nna once before and my top ran really big. This one actually fits TTS or almost small if you’re busty. If you’re looking for a fun cute top to wear in the summer, this one is perfect.

Willow & Clay smocked cold shoulder top 4
Willow & Clay smocked cold shoulder top 1
Willow & Clay smocked cold shoulder top 5
Willow & Clay smocked cold shoulder top 3

Willow & Clay Smocked Cold Shoulder Detail (xs) – I always love florals in the spring, but never find the perfect print. The cold shoulder detail on this one caught my eye. The print is a little busy and bright for my liking, but I thought I’d try it on just in case any of you might be looking for something similar. The xs fits really well and the colors unexpectedly paired well with my dark hair. It’s fully lined and can easily be dressed up or down. I normally wear an xxs, so you may need to size up on this one!

DL 1961 Florence Instasculpt ripped crop skinny jeans 1
DL 1961 Florence Instasculpt ripped crop skinny jeans 2
DL 1961 Florence Instasculpt ripped crop skinny jeans 4
DL 1961 Florence Instasculpt ripped crop skinny jeans 3

DL1961 Florence Instasculpt cropped jeans (24) – I rarely try on jeans for these Dressing Room Diaries posts because I feel like it’s hard to see exactly how they look and fit. But, these looked like a great length, so decided to give them a shot. The cropped length hits me at the ankle, which is nice. The jeans are extremely soft and comfortable (quite thick too) and the distressing lands right on my knee (woohoo). All pluses if you ask me! But, I wasn’t a huge fan of the wash and fading and the fit was a little off. If you’re taller than me (which, I’m guessing most of you are) and looking for a pair of comfortable skinny jeans with distressing, these are a great option.

Topshop moto jamie ripped high waist ankle skinny jeans 1
Topshop moto jamie ripped high waist ankle skinny jean 3
Topshop moto jamie ripped high waist ankle skinny jean 7
Topshop moto jamie ripped high waist ankle skinny jean 4

Topshop Jamie High Waisted Ankle Grazer  jeans (25) – I don’t remember the last time I tried on Topshop Jamie jeans, but I was actually shocked at how much I liked the fit. Way softer and comfortable than I originally thought. I typically always size up with Topshop skinny jeans and the 25 fit well. The ankle length worked perfectly and the distressing landed right on me knees. For my short athletic legs, finding the right medium and light wash jeans is tough. I didn’t love the wash on these, but I’m so glad I tried them on because now I know I can wear the Jamie style. Topshop jeans are a great affordable buy, especially when it comes to all the trends. In general though, I would say size up with all their jeans.

Splendid boardwalk stripe shorts 2

Splendid boardwalk stripe shorts 3
Splendid boardwalk stripe shorts 1

Splendid Striped Shorts (xs) – I’m completely smitten with these. Obviously you know how I feel about stripes, so I wanted these to fit real bad, and thankfully, the xs did! Comfortable, soft, and flattering. What more can you ask for in a pair of shorts. Because of the easy breezy feel (and look), you can dress them up, down, and even lounge around in them. The elastic waist is super comfortable and perfect for those summer days when you’ve had a couple extra glasses wine. Pair them with a button down, silk tank, white tee, off the shoulder sweater .. honestly, they’re so versatile, there’s so many different ways to wear them. 

Sun & Shadow ripped high rise denim shorts 5

Sun & Shadow ripped high rise denim shorts 4
Sun & Shadow ripped high rise denim shorts 3

Sun & Shadow distressed shorts (25) – I’m always on the hunt for cute shorts, and right now I can’t get enough distressed denim. They only had these in a 25, so I decided to try them on just to see how they fit. For some brands I like to go up a size in denim shorts, just for comfort. Sadly, these were just way too big. They also have a high waist and short inseam, which I’m not a huge of. I do love the relaxed look and feel of them and of course the major distressing.

Leith Mock Neck Lae Minidress 3
Leith Mock Neck Lae Minidress 1
Leith Mock Neck Lae Minidress 7
Leith Mock Neck Lae Minidress 5

Leith Lace Dress (xs) – This dress was cute off the rack, but once I tried it on, it was a different story (in the best way possible). I’m obsessed! Another one of those Nordstrom dress finds that fit extremely well off the rack. This rarely happens to me. Slightly long, but for the style, I don’t mind it at all. It helps balance out the more fitted style. It’s fun and flirty, but sophisticated and chic at the same time. The see-through cinched waist really makes this super flattering.

Rebecca Minkoff Angeles Dress 3
Rebecca Minkoff Angeles Dress 1
Rebecca Minkoff Angeles Dress 5
Rebecca Minkoff Angeles Dress 4

Rebecca Minkoff Eyelet Dress (0) – I initially thought this was just another white eyelet dress, but once I put it on, I fell in love. I don’t typically love a cinched waist with a full skirt, but there’s something about the fit of this dress that pulls me in. Maybe it’s the exaggerated ruffle shoulders or the pockets? You can’t really see the length on me, but the fact that it’s not too long, might also be the reason I love it so much. The 0 is quite roomy, so I would need the 00.

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