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I’ve talked about my boobs a lot during this pregnancy (sorry if it’s TMI). They’re bigger than I could have ever imagined and for a girl who has never liked big boobs, it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve tried to disguise my 32 C size my whole life. Thankfully, the way I dress/my style allows me to do this fairly easy. But, as I get bigger and closer to my due date, there’s no hiding these babies, lol. When Thridlove reached out to promote their new fall line of bras, I thought I owed it to myself, to really find some comfy bras for these things that are creating a life of their own.

Thirdlove classic nursing bra

Wearing the 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra in Soft Pink and the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Naked-2

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Thirdlove underwear

Best t-shirt bra thirdlove

Thirdlove nursing bra in nude

Best t-shirt bras

Thirdlove classic t-shirt bra

Thirdlove nude t-shirt bra

I’m fairly modest, so I’m not going to lie, these photos are a little much for me. I’m coming to terms with my body and the reality is, this is what pregnancy looks like. Parts of your body get big that you never even knew you had. You wake up to no belly button and you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror (that side profile while you’re sitting is a little startling). It’s hard to look at old photos of your normal self. With all that being said, I know I’m growing a human inside my belly and my body is doing everything it needs to make that happen. It’s all very natural and necessary. I’m grateful to have had a smooth pregnancy so far and at the end of the day, it’s all about perspective. Soon we’ll get to meet our little miracle.

Now onto the comfiest bras. I’m not a nursing bra expert (yet), but I will say, I already love the 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra from Thirdlove. It’s made with super soft cotton modal fabric and the underwire is comfortable. It has easy-open cups, which allows for simplicity while feeding and pumping. I love that you can still wear it and not feel like you’re wearing anything other than a normal bra. I have a feeling I’ll be ordering a couple of these. Their Classic T-Shirt Bra is also super comfortable! It has a little more coverage than the nursing bra, which I like. The buttery soft layer of memory foam hugs your curves and forms to your body, allowing you to wear the tightest tees without seeing bulge or lines. The naked color options match your skin tone, which works perfectly under your t-shirts (especially anything white).

My favorite part of Thirdlove is their Fit Finder. Their in-depth process of finding your true bra size really helped me with my growing chest. I was actually wearing the wrong size the last couple of months (oops). Some fit finders can be confusing or inaccurate, but I found this one to actually work.

Despite not loving all the boob growth during time time, I’m glad I found a couple comfy bras to take me through pregnancy and even post pregnancy. I’ve had a couple of you ask about comfortable bras and I couldn’t recommend these more. Even if you’re not pregnant, check out the Classic T-Shirt Bras. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Lastly, you can always try Thirdlove’s Try Before You Buy program (which is super awesome!). Simply pay for shipping, wear, wash, and live in your bra for 30 days. You can either keep it for $68, exchange it, or return it. Keep in mind, this program only works for the Classic T-Shirt Bras, Classic Full Coverage Bras, and the Classic Push Up Bras.  

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