Harper Meets the Family: Photos from California

California Trip

Happy Tuesday! I’m finally getting around to posting photos from our California trip. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but I’m so glad we did it and that most of our family and friends got to meet Harper. I will do a travel-with-baby blog post soon, so stay tuned for that.

Flying with baby

On both flights we had the whole row to ourselves. The first flight was empty and the second flight, no one wanted to sit with us, lol.

Flying with baby

San Jose airport

Looking like pro traveler, ha!

Nuna Pipa carseat

Juniper Hotel cupertino

Happy as a claim at the hotel room.

Harper with family 1

Mike and his cousins and everyone’s babies

Voyager Craft Coffee avocado toast

Voyager Craft Coffee for avocado toast.

Coffee shop

Favorite feeding bib lately

Whole Foods 1

Whole Foods 2

I received so many questions about her cart cover. I got it off Amazon!

Tacolicious 3

Had to stop at Tacolicious. Although the Santana Row location is not as good as the Palo Alto or SF.


Tacolicious 2

Santana Row

Santana Row 2

Santana Row with the fam.

Pressed Juicery freeze

Had to get my favorite Pressed Juicery Freeze. I still don’t  understand how they haven’t come to Portland!

Nuna Pipa carseat 2

Tested out our car seat without the base. Worked perfectly for travel!

baby jogger stroller

When baby rises early in a hotel, you stalk Target until they open, lol

Harper Gray

Harper with family 1

Harper with family 2

Harper with family 3

Harper Gray and friends 2

Harper Gray 2

Someone has to learn to share, lol.

Harper Gray and friends 1

I can’t even handle the cuteness. Baby Tyler on the left and baby Zara in the middle.

Harper with family 2

Traveling with a baby

Baby jogger stroller, Herschel Supply Co. baby bag, Calpak carryon

For the most part, Harper did really well. Being on-the-go seems to suit her really well. Lots of people, not so much, lol. Thursday was the worst. I think traveling coupled with a lot of new faces was too much for her and she literally cried all day. She cried when anyone would even look at her, poor thing. By Friday she warmed up and did better. Saturday we held a small gathering at a park and it was so nice seeing so many of our family and friends. Small cousins got to run around and play at the park, while parents got to mingle, chat, and eat. Harper got to meet her cousin (6 months) and bestie (19 days older) for the first time. Why are a group of babies so cute? The photo of Harper crying was when baby Zara grabbed one of her toys. Still learning to share over here, I guess, lol.

Overall, I think the trip was a success. It’s so nice to get our first trip with baby out of the way, the experience was everything! Mama was tired, though. A needy, teething baby, while traveling means lots of holding and consoling. I did love being back home with Harper. Taking her back to the old stomping (San Jose/Santa Clara) grounds and seeing familiar faces was such a good feeling.