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As mentioned yesterday, I recently jumped back on the apartment decorating wagon and have become quite obsessed. Mike and I were super into completing the apartment when we moved in (aren’t we all) and then a couple months later forgot all about it. Oh you know, there’s the couch, some art, and a rug… we were totally making progress and then life happened. To be honest I’ve never been a decor person. There’s too many decisions to make, too many rooms to buy for, and everything has to look cohesive. That’s a lot when you don’t really know what you’re doing. I mean yes, there’s a ton of inspiration out there, especially since the development of Pinterest, but inspiration is one thing actually making it happen is a whole other beast. Intimidating to say the least. I think I’ll stick to fashion… 

rug // lamps // print // gold animal sculptures // striped pillow// totes adorbs pillow // accent table // picture frame // gold urchin // bookcase // chairs // metal end table

After having a conversation with Kate about decor last week (she’s in the process of moving), I got excited about decorating again with hopes to make our place feel home-y and comfortable. I also realized I’ve never formally had guest over because I’m a little embarrassed of how incomplete our place is. How not fun is that?! So, although I’m extremely intimidated, I’m making the Crystalin-Mike-Lola apartment project a priority. I ordered a couple big pieces over the weekend to help my office finally come together and Mike and I talked about our vision for the living room and bar cart. That fact that we’re talking about it, that’s progress right there! We’re headed in the right direction and I could not me more excited and thrilled to know our place could possibly get done and feel complete (a year later)!

I’d love to open up the conversation in the comments. Does anyone else feel just as overwhelmed when it comes to decor as I do? Are all of your homes/apartments completely decorated? What was your process? Any tips or tricks would be extremely helpful.

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  • You’ve got a great aesthetic, I’m sure your apartment will end up looking amazing!

    I also get really overwhelmed with interior decorating! When I was decorating my last apartment, I decided to get the big, necessary pieces in neutral colors (cream sofa and bedding, dark wood furniture), and then fill in the blanks slowly, waiting until I found things I really liked. It was a long process, but it was fun to always keep an eye out for new pieces, and now I love everything I have!

  • I always get so excited (obsessed even) to decorate a new space! We’re moving soon and I’ve already begun planning which pieces I’d like to buy and what art needs to go on the walls. The problem is, however, that once I’m in the thick of it I realize that decor is expensive and I’d much rather be buying clothes. I always get overwhelmed and scrap the whole project! I’d love for our space to become a cohesively decorated one… I just need to figure out the balance.

    I’m loving your inspiration images by the way! It turns out a lot of them have been in my own inspiration file for this move!

    Chelsea & The City

    • Haha, I do the same thing. I want all these things and then realize I’d rather buy a new pair of jeans or a bag. I’m really trying to find a balance… our place needs to get done lol!

  • When you mentioned not having people over because you’re embarrassed about how not put together your place is? That is me in a nutshell! Sigh! It’s not my apartment itself – the apartment is lovely – it’s that it’s BARE and boring and still a little reminiscent of a college student’s place. I NEED to set aside some time and money to at least complete a few things, and then I think we BOTH need to host a party! ;) Haha! I love all of your inspiration photos, especially the bar cart setups! Gorgeous! Good luck!!

    • We have that bare problem which totally doesn’t make it feel homey. Yes, let’s both complete a few things and host some friends lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kate! :)

  • If you need help, let me know! I love decorating, but have had a hard time with our place because of limited funds and finding the time. The downstairs is the most complete but there are still walls that need artwork. It just gets expensive! And since we might be moving in a few months, I don’t want to invest too much in case it doesn’t work with a new place.

    I love your place. I think you’ve done a great job of creating a good foundation. :)

    • Nat, you’re so freaking sweet! I would love your help. Maybe once we start decorating the top of the bar cart or the entry table, we can go to Homegoods, etc. and you can help me do some styling :)

  • Decorating can be extremely overwhelming… but there’s a few tricks… one- LIGHTING! it really makes everything better! two- Take note of what you like! Like what your doing now! three- PLANTS!!! Greenery is amazing when it comes to making an area just come alive.. it’s like the fairy dust for decor!
    I love the items you chose! Post before and after pics!

  • I am the worst at this too! I have so many big ideas, a full Pinterest board of picturesque images, and lots of motivation to start…and then it fades and I realize it takes time and money to create beautiful spaces. We are moving soon so hopefully I’ll get back to being serious about decorating. I really want our new place to feel like home and feel proud of it.

  • I am the exact same way. I move in research, pin and google anything decorative and then after a few months lose all steam. While my apartment is not completely decorated, I have roommates so they opinion matters too, but my room is well on its way. I have learned that the way I dress and the colors I choose are generally the type of color scheme and style I like in decorating too. When nothing in my closet makes me happy I always to neutral colors with a classic feel and a punch of color in something unexpected. My bedroom looks similar. Good luck with the decorating and can’t wait to see the progress you make.

  • Totally am with ya on this one. I have truly neglected decorating my space. As you know from living in SF yourself, space is a big factor. The hubs and I just lack a lot of space we want. We’re contemplating moving soon but so far, that process has very slow. Life gets in the way A LOT and with a lot of family life and social life spent outside (vs. entertaining at home), we haven’t looked at our space properly. Sure, we spend the occasional weekend doing little things or spending some money on certain items to make it seem more “us” but that is comparatively less than what we do with other things in our lives. I pin A LOT with regards to interior spaces and design concepts I like but to actually narrow down a few and keep a theme sounds daunting. No wonder people hire people to do this! =)


    • Yup, I totally get why people hire the professionals for this… just so stressful and too many choices! I can understand where you’re coming from in terms of how little time you spend at home. But, I spend A LOT of time at home (im such a homebody), so the incompleteness is driving me nuts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Nancy! :)

  • SO intimidating. I don’t know what makes interior design so difficult. I hope my new place doesn’t turn into a giant thrift shop with miscellaneous items of different styles. I always look at your Pinterest for design inspiration, but there are too many great ideas that I tend to grab a little something from each photo making my space jumbled. Also, I know what you mean about not having guests over (aside from the apt being a mess)! Can’t wait to see what you choose for a bar cart – we’re looking for one too, but needs to be long to cover a wall heater! Oh, City living! xx

  • My hubby decorates the living room, he’s an artist and has an eye. But he has no patience for bathrooms. Which means I was left with three of them to decorate. The kids’ was the easiest by far and the master is pretty minimalist. But our guest/powder restroom is desperately seeking decoration. Glad to see that I am not the only one overwhelmed by Pinterest. I have found Apartment Therapy practical and inspiring!