Home Decor Inspiration

As mentioned yesterday, I recently jumped back on the apartment decorating wagon and have become quite obsessed. Mike and I were super into completing the apartment when we moved in (aren’t we all) and then a couple months later forgot all about it. Oh you know, there’s the couch, some art, and a rug… we were totally making progress and then life happened. To be honest I’ve never been a decor person. There’s too many decisions to make, too many rooms to buy for, and everything has to look cohesive. That’s a lot when you don’t really know what you’re doing. I mean yes, there’s a ton of inspiration out there, especially since the development of Pinterest, but inspiration is one thing actually making it happen is a whole other beast. Intimidating to say the least. I think I’ll stick to fashion… 

rug // lamps // print // gold animal sculptures // striped pillow// totes adorbs pillow // accent table // picture frame // gold urchin // bookcase // chairs // metal end table

After having a conversation with Kate about decor last week (she’s in the process of moving), I got excited about decorating again with hopes to make our place feel home-y and comfortable. I also realized I’ve never formally had guest over because I’m a little embarrassed of how incomplete our place is. How not fun is that?! So, although I’m extremely intimidated, I’m making the Crystalin-Mike-Lola apartment project a priority. I ordered a couple big pieces over the weekend to help my office finally come together and Mike and I talked about our vision for the living room and bar cart. That fact that we’re talking about it, that’s progress right there! We’re headed in the right direction and I could not me more excited and thrilled to know our place could possibly get done and feel complete (a year later)!

I’d love to open up the conversation in the comments. Does anyone else feel just as overwhelmed when it comes to decor as I do? Are all of your homes/apartments completely decorated? What was your process? Any tips or tricks would be extremely helpful.

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