Life Lately

Life Lately February

With my absence on the blog last week, I thought it was appropriate to share a life update with you guys. Last week was quite rough, hence the radio silence. Thankfully, everyone is in better spirits and things are on the up and up. Harper is officially 7 weeks now and we’re all starting to get in a groove. We’re sleeping through the night (as of now) and Harper is getting used to this whole nap thing. Mike and I feel like we can finally breathe, lol.

Snoo from happiest baby

This girl has been sleeping so well in her Snoo bassinet. Lately, we’ve been only using it at night.


Walked into our room and he looked like the king of the castle, lol.

Petite Soul Shop bonnet

The cutest in her bonnet from Petite Soul Shop. Onesie is H&M

Nuna Stroller system

Hot dad alert!

Nuna stroller bassinet

Bundled up on our walks. H&M Sherpa, Lou Lou & Company beanie, Boppy x Pottery Barn Kids head support

neutral play gym

Getting her play time in. Spebarn and Sprout play gym, Burt’s Bee Baby quilt, Rugs USA rug, Babyletto Hudson crib, Burt’s Bee Baby crib sheet

Mom life

Just living that mom life. I’m wearing Gilligan & O’Malley’s henley, Gap pj pants (sold out). Harper is wearing a Petite Soul Shop bonnet and Owlivia onesie.

Mom and Harper

No makeup and probably days old hair.

The Da Silva family

Love doing this parenting thing with him ♡.

Mike and Riley

That newborn life. Everyone’s tired, lol.

Harper Gray

Just the cutest bub. H&M onesie, Baby Bling headband, Lu & Milk pacifier clip, Baby Bottom Blankets pom blanket

Harper Gray toes

I could just eat her up!

H&M bib

So many smiles these days. Bib is from H&M

Family selfie

New parents in matching Alternative hoodies

Daddy and Harper

Mike and his mini me, lol. Harper is wearing a L’oved Baby onesie

Dad life

Killing the parenting game in this photo.

Crystalin Marie family

How we did Valentine’s Day. On me: Rails heart tee, AG jeans. On Harper: H&M heart onesie, H&M baby beanie. West Elm Bench, Rugs USA rug

Warning you now, this post will be all over the place, lol. I think one of the major things I’ve learned over the course of 7 weeks, I’m way too hard on myself. I’m a routine/schedule kind of person, I’ve talked about it over and over again on the blog. Getting Harper on a routine from the start was pretty important to us. Nothing rigid, just hoping same time for feedings and naps, etc. would help set expectations for baby and mama, so that mama can actually plan for the day and set time to work. Everyone kept saying, newborns can’t be on a schedule/routine. But you see, when you run your own business, you need somewhat of a schedule in order to get any work done. We don’t have maternity leave and if Mike and I don’t work, this whole family doesn’t make money. See the struggle? Thankfully, we’re on a schedule that works for our family and baby, mama, dad, and pups are finding their rhythm. On the other hand, though, having expectations that Harper would nap in her crib when it was nap time every day is a little unrealistic (so that mama could get work done). Thankfully, we’ve adapted and if she doesn’t go down for a nap easily, we don’t fight it and we’ll move on to plan B (rather than force it and stress ourselves out over it). I think most experienced parents would say, the parents of a baby that sleeps through the night and naps in her crib (for the majority of her naps), are doing a great job. After the couple of days of the napping nightmare, I took a step back and told myself to just relax and to stop putting my own stresses and expectations on everyone else. Harper is a relatively easy, happy baby, so be grateful and soak in all the time you have with her (even the rough ones).

Recovery – I’m also starting to feel like a normal human being again. The C-section recovery process isn’t easy physically, but also mentally. You’re sore, you can’t move like you normally do, you can’t wear jeans, and you’re just not yourself. I think I’ve struggled more mentally than physically. I was just over it. Thankfully, by week 6 I started to feel like myself again. I’m actually starting my postpartum workout journey next Monday and I could not be more excited. Finally, I can exercise!!! I’m documenting my whole journey on Instagram Stories, so if you’re interested, be sure to tune in.

The Pups – The pups are adjusting well and doing a lot better than I thought. Not only did we bring in this new human, but we took away their daytime leisure area. They don’t get to camp out on our bed and look out the window as much, since Harper naps upstairs. They’ve been relegated to the couch downstairs. Makes me sad, but we still try to talk to them and show them as much affection as possible. They’ve both done extremely well with their interactions with Harper. Riley is a little more hesitant, but gentle when he’s around her and Lola has to be involved with everything. Hangs out with us while we’re feeding, watches while she gets a bath, and super concerned when she’s crying. We always knew Lola was going to be a great big sister, so we’re not surprised.

Breastfeeding – If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you know I was struggling with over producing milk. Thankfully, things have mellowed out since the first few weeks of being home. I’m still over producing, but it’s much more manageable. I’m actually only using this manual pump and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made (thank you to everyone who recommended it!). I was also feeling body aches in the beginning of breast feeding, but that has mellowed out as well. As mentioned above, I’m definitely feeling like myself again, and I couldn’t be happier!

Honestly, I still can’t believe Mike and I are parents. Even after hearing what friends and family had to say and doing all the research, no one can prepare you for this moment. It’s funny, Mike and I have wondered why no one told us this or that, and we decided it was because they didn’t want to scare us, lol. Being a parent is tough, without a doubt. We’ve had really bad days and we’ve had really good days. I’ve cried, got frustrated, missed my life before baby, and felt all the feelings. Thankfully, Mike and I have had each other to lean on. We’ve also been able to share the duties, so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming ALL THE TIME. While times can get frustrating and you feel like you could lose it, watching your baby grow, smile, giggle, and become a part of your family, makes it all worth it. This little family of ours makes me so emotional (in a good way) and I couldn’t have dreamed this would be my life, but I’m completely in love with it.