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I’m so excited to share our master bedroom gallery wall with you. I shared a couple progress videos via Stories last week and I received several messages eager to see the final results. We’re so happy with how everything turned out and other than choosing the prints and sizes, it was fairly easy to mount everything.

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Crystalin Marie master bedroom gallery wall

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Gallery wall with minted frames

We’ve worked and bought from Minted in the past, so I was stocked to have them partner with us to help bring our gallery wall dreams to life. We already had the 40×30 sand print, so we wanted to work around it in terms of colors and vibes. Minted has a ton of beautiful fine art prints, which is nice in terms of selection, but it also makes it tough to narrow down favorites. It took me about 2 days to finalize my picks. Tip – I pinned the prints to a secret Pinterest board in order to see them all together, side by side. It helps to make sure there’s cohesion and that they all work together. The other tough part was deciding on the size of the prints. We planned everything out with painters tape, which was great for the visual aspect, but we we’re completely off in terms of sizing. We tapped based on the size of the print, not thinking about the white border and frame (duh!). The larger sizes ended up working out for the best (filled up more of the wall), but we ended up placing the frames on the floor and measuring everything out before we mounted. Honestly, it turned out even better than anticipated. The colors work perfectly in our room and I LOVE the pop of pink.

Since decorating our house, we’ve bought and used several different frames and I must say, I love the Minted ones. They’re lightweight (so really easy to hang), classic, and they come in an assortment of different colors and materials. They also come with the best hardware, making the whole hanging process really easy and intuitive. Minted supports independent artists, which is so awesome. Each print comes with a card detailing the artist and the story behind the print, which makes it feel like each piece is one of a kind. Read more about how each print gets selected here.

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Special thank you to Minted for partnering on this post.