My New Outlook On Personal Style

There’s been so many blessings since becoming a mother. Harper alone has changed my life for the better and I’ve had some of the best moments of my life this last year. Becoming a mother has also changed my outlook on so many things.  My job is all about shopping and fashion and you can get very caught up and sucked in to it all – the latest trends, who’s wearing what, the next best bag, what others think of you, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still love clothes, the process of putting outfits together, and sharing it women around the world, but my perspective has changed. I no longer try so hard to wear things that I think people want to see. I don’t get down on myself for liking white tops, neutrals, and jeans (I’ve received messages saying I wear the same thing). I own my style and won’t apologize for it.

Top xs, Jeans 0, Sandals 5, Bag (similar)

I’ve always stayed true to my style to some degree, but I think I felt the pressure to try new trends or wear certain things because so and so was wearing it. In this industry, I think it comes with the territory. If you talked to any other style blogger, I’m sure they’ve felt this way at some point in their career. Well, motherhood changes it all and puts so many things in your life into perspective. I’ve never felt more confident and real with my personal style than I do now. And the best part, you guys are responding to it so well. So yes, here’s another outfit all about eyelet tops, jeans, and neutral accessories. Speaking of, these sandals are 100% vegan. I bought them not even realizing that until I opened the box. They’re so comfortable and I love the classic style. They come in an assortment of different colors (love the white and black), and they’re super affordable. They run small, so size up either a ½ to a full size.

My entire outfit is from Walmart’s new spring fashion collections. I’m loving all their romantic tops, bold stripes, and utility chic pieces. I just picked up this sweater and it’s perfectly oversized!