Reader Q&A | Personal Style Part I

Finding your personal style can take a lifetime. It’s not easy and oftentimes when you ask a girl what her style is, she has no clue. Some women stick to one style and it’s very distinct no matter what they wear (Jules, Jenna, and Emmanuelle), while others, can wear different styles and make it their own with personal touches (Blair, Julia, and Aimee).

My personal style has evolved over the years and has gone through many phases. I’m happy to report, at 28 years old, I think I’ve somewhat figured it out. I listen to my inner self when it reaches for stripes 5 days in a row, I understand buying 10 pairs of boyfriend jeans is a style choice, and there’s probably a reason I don’t have a ton of color in my closet. I know what I like and what I feel most confident in and that’s exactly what I’ve built my closet around. And, if you decide to wear a dress to an event and I decide to throw on the same pair of skinny jeans I’ve worn for 3 days straight, I’m perfectly okay with that. Style is extremely personal and you gotta go with your gut. Sometimes you have to block out all the noise and just do you.

At the end of the day, I choose casual neutral pieces no matter the occasion because those are the pieces I feel best in, the pieces I feel most me in.

What are your thoughts on personal style? Have you found yours? I will be answering any of your style questions while incorporating some style tips in a dedicated post on Wednesday. So, I encourage you to share one thing you love about style and one thing you find challenging. The more the merrier!

Photo: The Chronicles of Her