Reader Q& A | Personal Style Part II

Today I bring you the second half of the Reader Q&A Personal Style series (part I here) and will address the three top questions I see asked most often.

1. I don’t have a specific style. I dress for my moods. Sometimes I’m feeling girly and preppy, other times more hippy/boho, and sometimes edgy. The fun part about fashion and style is that you can recreate yourself as many times as you want. With that being said, I would love to find a style that’s unique to me.

This is one of the biggest challenges for most people. You like to change it up based on how you’re feeling that day and can relate to all different styles, but what makes it unique to you? This process takes time and getting to know YOU a little better. Pay attention to what you love, gravitate toward, and what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident in on a daily basis. Is it stripes, leopard, bows, a bold lip, statement jewelry, hats, or denim? Once you figure this out, start incorporating those things into all your outfits. If you’re favorite item in your closet is stripes, but you want to dress girly and feminine, pair your striped tee with a midi skirt, pumps, and a bold lip. There are always ways to incorporate your favorite pieces into all your outfits to start distinguishing your personal style.

2. I like aspects of different styles. It’s fun being preppy one day and more minimal the next, but I want to figure out how to merge them together sometimes.

When you start merging or mixing two styles together, you get what I like to call the unexpected element. This way of styling can really make your style unique to you, but it also takes time and practice. Try taking two styles you love, let’s say classic and edgy, and do some research on Pinterest. Find out what makes up the two styles and mix and match them with pieces already in your closet. When I say this, I mean literally spend a night/morning creating outfits. I love oxfords and button ups, so I’ll pair those with distressed denim or faux leather to mix the classic and edgy styles together. Or you can wear a classic white button down under a cable knit sweater (very preppy) and pair it with leather leggings (edgy) for another unexpected pairing.

To wear different styles together you always have to look for the unexpected element or pairing. Think about two styles you love or maybe are gravitating toward that day, and try merging them together. Feminine and masculine, minimal and cool, or sporty and edgy. Have fun with it and the more you practice the more you’ll feel comfortable doing it.

3. I have a better sense of my personal style and I’ve done a good job at narrowing down my closet to basics, but I feel like I wear the same thing everyday. It seems like my closet isn’t diverse enough.

I was feeling this exact way just a couple of months ago. I’ve finally figured out my style and purged my closet, but felt one dimensional. But, thanks to a little inspiration, quality time with my closet, and reinvention, I’m feeling the best I ever have about my style and closet. Once you’ve narrowed down your closet to fit your personal style, you have to start looking to those accessories and unexpected pairings to add versatility to your everyday looks. Hats, fun bags, printed pumps, cool jackets, dainty or statement jewelry, a bold lip. All these things can elevate a more basic outfit or tone down a more dressy look. Take for instance, this outfit. I wear the striped tee and denim jacket all the time casually. But, to mix things up I paired them with a flared skirt and fun sandals for more of a date night/dressed up look. You have casual meets feminine for an unexpected twist.

Just because you have a closet full of basics does not mean your outfits have to be basic. To keep things interesting, always look for an unexpected element or mix two styles together.

Regardless of what you’re struggling with, finding your personal style and the best closet for you takes time and practice. Keep looking for inspiration, invest in quality basics, don’t buy it because it’s on sale, have a game plan, and always be aware of what you’re constantly reaching for.

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