My Postpartum Essentials

Now that I’m out of the newborn fog and life is pretty much back to normal, I’m finally sitting down to share my postpartum essentials. This was a highly requested blog post and I’m so happy to finally get around to it. Every item I share below are things I used/using and loved this time around.

Postpartum and the 4th trimester are very delicate times. You’re healing, you’re learning how to be a new mom or mom of two, your hormones are crazy, not to mention you’re figuring out breastfeeding, all while not getting sleep. It’s A LOT. Learning from my first go with Harper, I knew having the right clothes would be key. I made sure to order all the nursing and pumping bras ahead of time. I knew cute lounge wear sets would be key to my mental health. Since there’s a lot of time spent at home, it nice to have little pick-me-ups in your day. For me that’s cute loungewear sets and cute baby clothes, lol (all the amazing meals my family and friends made me were also top of the list). Postpartum life is really about finding those small pleasures. If you’re a soon-to-be mom, I can’t recommend figuring out what these little pick-me-ups are ahead of time, know what will spark joy, and plan ahead. It does wonders when you’re in the trenches.

NEIWAI Underwear –  These are the BEST! I don’t like to wear these to bed, but I love them for daytime and they’re seamless and highwaisted. Their mid-rise actually work over my c-section incision, but I also really love the high waisted brief. 

Henley Tees xs –  These were absolutely essential for the first 2 months. I wore these to bed to help make night feedings more seamless. Henleys in general just make things easier. Now that more clothes fit and we’re out of the house more, I’m wearing more normal tops and just pulling them up for feeds, but if you’re new to this, I can’t recommend Henleys more.

Jenni Kayne cashmere sweater and sweats xs

Haakaa – Those first few weeks, the Haakka was a life saver. Whether I was catching milk during my let down or using it as a pump, this was my right hand girl. I LOVE how convenient this is. I would use it in the car, all over the house – no setup, no extra equipment.

Ugg Robe xs – This robe might be the MVP of postpartum, lol. It’s so warm and cozy (fairly heavy) and I would throw it during my night feedings. It’s warm, cozy, and comfortable.  I can’t recommend this piece more!

1.5 weeks postpartum in NEIWAI underwear
3 weeks postpartum

Amazon Underwear small – After my hospital underwear was used up, I needed to find something comfortable enough for my incision and something that was high waisted. I didn’t want to spend a ton of time finding something cute, so I figured Amazon would have something. Sure enough, they did! I accidentally ordered 2 packs so there’s high waisted nude underwear falling out of my drawers, lol. These did the trick though! They’re super comfortable and super high waisted, perfect if you’ve had a c-section. They run pretty thick, so not the greatest under leggings. Definitely not seamless. But, for hanging around the house, these are fantastic!

Jenni Kayne Sweat Set xs
Splendid sweat set xs
Jenni Kayne slippers small

Jenni Kayne Sweatshirt and sweatpants xs – Another sweat set that has come in handy. I absolutely LOVE this set. I was gifted the green set and then ordered the navy because I love it that much. A luxe sweatsuit for sure, but still very comfortable and great quality. Use my code Crystalin15 for all Jenni Kayne orders.

Jenni Kayne Slippers small – Slippers are a must-have during postpartum, especially during the winter months. With night wakings and postpartum hormones, I would get super cold, and slippers and my robe we’re essential! I love my Jenni Kayne slippers. A splurge for sure, but I love the fit of these.

Anine Bing Sweatshirt xs
Lou & Grey sweats petite xxs

Lou & Grey Sweats xs – Luckily I sized up in these while I was pregnant and had them for those first 2 weeks postpartum. I was eventually able to fit into my normal size and I’ve been living in them. These sweats are so comfortable, but still  help you to feel put together. They come in so many colors, too!

Hanes Socks –  ​I didn’t have these early on, but now I regret it! I absolutely love these. They’re warm without being overly thick and they’re super comfortable. Both Mike and I can’t get enough, lol. 

Splendid Sweat Set xs – I wore my beige and grey set to death last winter and here I am wearing them again. The sweatshirt is more of a cropped length which tucks perfectly into the sweats. Also, love that the sweats are a petite-friendly length!

The Great College Sweatshirt and Cropped Sweats 0 – I lived in this floral set during my pregnancy and postpartum. It has a drawstring waist which comes in handy when you’re belly is fluctuating. I absolutely love this set and want to add a few more colors to my closet. I wear the 0 in both the bottom and top.

Anine Bing Sweatshirts xs – I didn’t realize I was going to live in these postpartum. Since I’m home so much and wearing sweats a lot, it’s nice to wear a more elevated sweatshirt. Definitely helps make you feel more pulled together.

Hatch Essential Pumping Bra medium – I bought this for pumping, but I haven’t pumped with Camden yet. I’ve used the Haakaa but that’s it. This bra is super comfortable, though. I got the medium, but need the small (even with double DD’s). A great bra to sleep in too.

Ingrid & Isabel Cooling Nursing and Pumping Bra 34 D – I bought this bra to pump in too, but again haven’t used that part of the bra. This bra gives a ton of support. Not a great one to sleep in, but a great everyday/leaving the house bra.

Motherhood Maternity Wireless Maternity and Nursing Bra 32DD – I wear these out of the house a lot. I love that they’re wireless, so super comfortable, but still give you the right support to wear with normal clothes.

Bravado Basics Seamless Nursing Bra small – I wear this bra if I’m not leaving the house and to bed. It’s VERY comfortable!

Nipple Guard –  For those sore nipples, a nipple guard is EVERYTHING! If you’re expecting and haven’t ordered one yet, DO IT NOW. My nipples were sore in the beginning, but nothing terrible (I hear horror stories). 

Nursing pads – I use disposable only because the reusable pads give me a rash for some reason. But, if you’re breastfeeding you’ll need these for a while. Whether it’s during overproduction, early stages, or milk let down, these help keep you dry. 

Pads – Whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section, you’ll need pads. Get the overnight ones because there’s quite a bit of bleeding in the beginning. 

Boob Massager – I did a lot of massaging by hand, but I did get a boob massager to help too. My boobs would get so hard during engorgement and this helps a lot. It massages and heats up, so it works really well. I attribute that plus a lot of hand massaging to zero episodes of mastitis. 

Hatch Belly Oil – I’ve been using this on my c-section scar as well as all over. My skin has been so dry since giving birth – I’m thinking it has to do with all the stretching and changes it’s been through. I love this oil and it comes in a large jar.