Our Newborn Essentials

I’m finally getting around to sharing a comprehensive list of our newborn essentials. Along with the list of items, I’m also going into detail on which brands/products we’re using for each. Since this is our 2nd time around, I feel like I have a good sense of what you really need (I know baby products can be overwhelming). With that being said, remember every baby and family is different, so you may like another brand or need more or less of these items.


1.DIAPERS – We used Honest diapers with Harper and are using them again with Camden. We also had Coterie diapers on hand and I have to say, they’re amazing and SO soft. We used them early on and considered signing up for their delivery service. Right now, we are signed up for Honest diaper delivery and we get 7 packs of diapers (224 diapers) and 4 packs of wipes every 4 weeks for $83. This price just went up from $79. Coterie diapers delivery service is 192 diapers every 4 weeks for $85 (and no wipes). So, we’re definitely getting more with Honest, but the softness is not comparable.

2. WIPES – We use both Honest wipes and Seventh Generation. Both non-toxic and 99% water based. We’ve used both since Harper was born and haven’t had any issues. We buy the Seventh Generation wipes in bulk from Amazon since the whole family uses them (dog included). 

3. BUTT BALM – We swear by Earth Mama Diaper Balm. We exclusively used this with Harper and will do the same for Camden. Neither kids have had diaper rash, which I really believe is from this balm. It smells delightful, it’s organic and non-toxic, and we can use it for anything, really. I’ve used it for Harper’s chapped lip, Cam’s eczema, it’s a very versatile product to have on hand. 

4. MUNCHKIN WIPE WARMER – There’s lots of wipe warmers out there, but we use the one from Munchkin. Having both babies in the winter, a wipe warmer is a little luxury. I chose this one for aesthetics and it’s neutral color. We’ve used it for both kids and it works extremely well!

5. CHANGING TABLE – We are using the same setup we had with Harper – West Elm dresser with an old Land of Nod changing table on top. West Elm actually created the same setup years later with their Modern 6-Drawer Changing Table.This is setup in Camden’s room, but we’re actually using this small changing table from Target in our room. We are so happy we got this last minute because Camden’s room is on the other side of the house and since he sleeps in our room over night, this made the most sense. If you’re looking for something small or a 2nd changing table, this is such a great piece, we highly recommend it. 


1.BOTTLES – We are exclusively breastfeeding, but we have the glass Avent bottles. We are reusing these from Harper days and so far so good. We’ve fed him a couple times with a bottle and it worked great. I love that these have different size nipples for when the baby gets bigger. 

2. BIBS – We actually just ordered more Green Sprout muslin bibs. These are our favorite for feedings. Big, absorbs spit up well, and aesthetically pleasing. For outfits, once Cam is bigger, we have bibs from H&M. 

3. BURP CLOTHS – Another Green Sprout favorite! We just ordered more and it seems like they’re bigger than they were years ago (yay!). Fit on your shoulder well, large, pretty, and handle spit up so well. We love these. 

4. NURSING PILLOW – I used the Boppy nursing pillow with Harper and used it at the beginning with Camden. If you’re new to breastfeeding or struggling, I highly recommend a nursing pillow. I currently don’t use anything because Camden is bigger and I just find it more comfortable to prop him up on my legs in a chair with an ottoman for my feet. I never did this with Harper – used the nursing pillow for 18 months last time. But again, it’s all about what works for you and baby. I have both this cover for the pillow and this cover.

– Electrical Pump – I’m not currently using any pumps right now, but with Harper I rented the medical grade Medela pump from the hospital and it worked great, I loved it! I was going to do the same with Cam, but we ended up not needing to pump, thanks to the Haakaa. We also have the Ameda breast pump which our insurance/hospital provided. I’ve never used this one, so I can’t speak on it. But, I would highly recommend having some type of pump on hand – you just never know when you’ll need it. 
– Hand Pump – I used the Haakaa sparingly with Harper, but used it for pumping exclusively with Camden. I was overproducing, so this was all I needed. I’m still able to pump out 5oz on one breast with the Haakaa in minutes. This suction pump is so convenient – you can do it just about anywhere.


1.PJ’S – With Harper I had all these cute pj’s – all with buttons. I had no idea you needed the zippered pjs! We ended up ordering a handful of these off Amazon and loved them! So, I ordered them again with Camden. I love that they’re organic, zippered, and thick. They also have covered hands, which is perfect for those newborn days when they scratch their face. 

2. BASSINET – We used the SNOO bassinet with Harper and loved it for her. We use the same SNOO for Camden. Initially, we didn’t need to turn it on, but more recently, we’ve been using it when the motion on and Camden really loves it. I have my full review of the SNOO here, although I’m planning to update it. But, for us, we would 100% recommend it!

3. CRIB – We have the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 crib. We used it with Harper up until I was 9 months pregnant with Camden. These convertible cribs really get a ton of use (going from infant, to toddler, to child). While I would have chosen a different style crib for Cam, we used the same crib since it was still in great condition and worked so well for Harps. Babyletto has a ton of different styles to choose from. But yes, I would highly recommend these convertible cribs. 

4. HEAD PILLOW – Ours is old, but I linked to a very similar one. There’s a lot of different opinions about head pillows, so if you’re unsure, ask your doctor. We started using one with Harper to help her flat head and it helped quite a bit. We’re trying to be proactive with Camden by using a head pillow on some naps. 

– Swaddle Blankets – WE really love the Kid Wild swaddle blankets. Large, stretchy, thick, and great quality. Love the neutral colors, too!
Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle – These just came out when Harper was an infant and I remember loving them! They’re so easy to put on. Once Camden was able to get out of the blanket swaddles we started using these. I absolutely love them! He gets his arms out of the velcro sometimes, but they remain in the zipped part, so you’re almost double protected. 

Snuggle Me Organic  – We used this with Harper and used it quite a bit with Camden when he was small. I love that this one is more snug and keeps baby nestled and cozy. Camden loved napping in this early on. 
DockATot – We also had this with Harper, but didn’t use it at all. This lounger does not snuggle the baby, rather, it’s more roomy. With that being said, I think you could use this for a longer period of time than the Snuggle Me because it is bigger. 

Hatch – We use this one in Harper’s room and will eventually get it for Camden once he’s sleeping in his room at night. There’s so many features on this one, we especially love it to signal Harper when it’s time to come out of her room in the morning (light and song switches). Is also aesthetically pleasing. Highly recommend this one!Skip Hop – – Stroll & Go Sound Machine – We have the old version of this one that we’re using in Camden’s room (it’s old from the early Harper days). I love that it’s small and portable. It does need to be plugged in the entire night if you’re going to have it on for baby through bedtime. 

8. MONITOR & CAMERA – We have the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor and we’ve used it since Harper was born. Luckily, I was able to find a camera add-on for this, so we have 2 cameras, 1 in each child’s room, and 1 monitor that toggles between the 2 rooms. I absolutely love this setup! The nice thing about the Infant Optics monitor is that it doesn’t connect to wifi. I know a lot of monitors have issues when it’s connected to wifi. The downside of this monitor – it loses battery pretty quickly. We did replace the battery and it’s helped hold the charge better.


Wood Baby Gym – I don’t have the exact link to our wood play gym since it’s old, but linked something similar. This has already been a hit with Camden. He loves it! 
– Play Gym – We also had the classic activity gym with Harper, but sadly our exact one is no longer available. But, it’s another great thing to have with a newborn. You can also remove the hanging pieces and use the mat for tummy time, too. Love this neutral one!

2. BOOKS – We’re using all our old black and white books/cards from Harper days. I’m so glad I kept everything! We love these black (My Dreams and My Animals) and white books and all the black and white cards from Wee Gallery (alphabet set, animal set). 

Babybjorn Bouncer – This was gifted to us and it’s been such a surprise favorite! We love the neutral color palette and overall look of it. It’s super lightweight, which makes it so convenient to move around, etc.  Camden really loves it too!
Charlie Crane LEVO Rocker – This piece is SO beautiful – more of a rocker versus a bouncer. This comes in hand when I need to put Cam down to get ready or for when Harper wants to read him books. While this is not a newborn essential per se, I would recommend something like this to put baby in when you need to do something and don’t have an extra set of hands.


1. CARRIER – Highly recommend having some type of carrier on hand with you. If you’re home alone and baby is fussy or won’t nap, you can use the carrier to help them soothe/fall asleep, and that way you can be hands free to get stuff done or help brother or sister. We had the Solly Baby Wrap with Harper and have used the Babybjorn mini carrier with Camden. In terms of comfort, the Babybjorn mini has been great for me – easy to put on and super supportive. Camden isn’t the biggest fan of it, but hoping to change that. He doesn’t do a lot of sleeping on our chest, so he’s always a little confused by it, lol . We also have the Babybjorn for when Camden is bigger. 

2. PACIFIER – Pacifiers are great to help baby soothe. Harper took to a pacifier right away, but Camden has refused it since day one. It’s almost a blessing in disguise – it’s nice that he doesn’t rely on a pacifier to go to sleep, but there are some moments when I know a pacifier would help him. 
Eco Piggy – We used these exclusively with Harper. She took to it right away. Love that it’s all natural with no plastic.
Mushi Frigg – I ordered a couple of these for Camden. Loved the look and that they come in so many cute colors. They’re SUPER lightweight.

3. CAR SEAT – We’re using the Nuna Pipa same car seat we had with Harper for Camden. We loved the Nuna Pipa then and have no issues this time around either. Ours is an older version and I know the new versions have added benefits like Flame Retardant Free and Pipa Lite. 

Nuna Mixx – We used this one with Harper. We loved it then and you can read my full review here. 
Bugaboo Lynx – We were gifted this stroller when Harper was 2.5 years old and I’ve really loved it. We decided to get the bassinet for it for Camden and have been using it for walks. We did have to remove the metal structure from the chair to put on the bassinet which I thought was really weird and inconvenient. The whole Bugaboo stroller system is so beautiful and chic. 
Mockingbird Double Stroller – We also bought this double stroller for those days when Harper wanted to sit as well. This stroller is very similar to the Uppababy Vista but for half the price. It’s also quite the beast, but I think any double stroller would be. There’s 13 different seat combination you can do and we love how easy it is to switch the seats around. It’s aesthetically pleasing and has a ton of storage space in the basket below. If interested, you’ll have to buy the single stroller and a second seat

5. THERMOMETER – Thermometer is an absolute newborn essential. When I went to order a few new ones for Camden, reviews were all over the place, it seemed like nothing could be trusted. I ended up getting 2 – one digital and one traditional. The pediatrician said the most accurate temperature check would be in the butt, so another reason to always have a traditional thermometer on hand.