Our Outdoor Deck Makeover with Article

You guys all know how much we love Article, we have their pieces all throughout our home, and I’m so excited to team up with them again to give our outdoor deck a makeover! Not until the beginning to middle part of summer did I realize, our deck had potential. Mike decided to power wash it and all of a sudden the space was transformed. I was like, okay we could do something up here. The large pine trees plus the harsh weather in Oregon make it pretty difficult to do anything in our backyard, so the only space we really thought to furnish and make nice was our deck.

Arca Sofa in Sunwash & Driftwood Gray, Nimbus coffee table in white and light wood, Corda lounge chairs in beach sand, Tana stool in Natural Teak, Toba side table in driftwood gray

I’m not an expert when it comes to outdoor furniture, but these are some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen for any outdoor space. I didn’t even know the quality could be this good for outdoor furniture. I’ve been really into the more natural tones and wood colors (which is complete opposite from our living room with all the walnut), so we went with a very light and airy vibe for the deck. We stuck with natural wood and grays and I think it came together beautifully. The Arca sofa is my favorite piece. It’s absolutely stunning and while the seat cushion is firm, the couch is deep, so it’s really comfortable to lounge around on. The Corda lounge chairs are SUPER comfortable. If you’re looking for comfort for outdoors, these chairs are it! The Tana stool is another favorite of mine. I love the simplicity. It’s also quite heavy and sturdy – I know pieces like this can be light and easy to lean and fall over – not this guy!

We’re excited to finish out the summer on our beautiful deck. Not only do we love hanging out there, but Harper is in love with all the new cushions, lol. She loves taking them all down and jumping on them. We’ve loved working with Article in the past and I’m so glad we are now able to experience their outdoor furniture as well. The quality exceeded our expectations and as always the shipping and delivery was really smooth.

* I should mention, we’ve had a couple unexpected rainy days and everything has held up really well. We’ll bring the furniture inside during rainy season, but I just thought I’d share how the furniture did in the rain. So far, it’s Oregon approved, ha!

Special thank you to Article for partnering on this post.