Embracing Color

Rebecca Minkoff Page stripe sweater, Re/Done high rise straight skinny jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim mini pashli satchel, Sam Edelman pumps (similar), Ray-Ban rounded sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round sunglasses

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Leather Satchel in cashew

Rebecca Minkoff Page Stripe Cold Shoulder Sweater

Re Done Originals High Rise Straight Skinny Stretch Jeans

Rebecca Minkoff cold shoulder sweater

Sam Edelman Lola Ankle Strap Heel

Crystalin Marie wearing Re Done Originals High Rise Straight Skinny Stretch Jeans

Sam Edelman Lola Ankle Strap Heel in nude

Crystalin Marie wearing Rebecca Minkoff Page Stripe Cold Shoulder Sweater

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We finally made progress with our master bedroom. I’ve been sharing snaps on Instagram Stories, but if those are no longer available to see, check out the photo I posted on Instagram. We went for a more masculine feel and both Mike and I love it. We still need a couple of things  (planter, plant, print, rug and pillows),  but we’re moving in the right direction, so we’re feeling good. Stay tuned for a full post on it’s reveal. 

Speaking of progress, this may come as a shock to you, but lately, I’ve been drawn to COLOR. I think it may have to do with the gloomy, wet, and cold weather. It’s so dark and gray during winters in the PNW and it can really have a negative effect on your mood. Just the idea of soft pastels for spring have been lifting my spirits.

While browsing Nordstrom I stumbled upon this pink and purple pastel sweater from Rebecca Minkoff. While, I normally wouldn’t gravitate toward something like this, I kept coming back to it. The colors scream spring and I adore the cold shoulder detail (I have it in oatmeal as well). I was initially hesitant to add it to my cart. The voice inside my head said, you only wear neutrals, what are you thinking? I’ve actually had conflicting thoughts about this topic for a while. You come to this corner of the Internet with expectations of someone who has neutral, classic style. Trust me, when I think of me, I think of the same thing. But, over time I’ve noticed myself setting rules and boundaries on my style because of what I think you expect of me. The world thinks I’m the queen of neutrals, so my thoughts are – nope, naw, you don’t need any color in your wardrobe. Rather than dressing for myself and wearing pieces I’m naturally drawn to, I think I was letting the my blog persona get the best of me. I had this conversation with Mike a couple weeks ago (I’m sure he loves having these conversations lol). I asked him why I’m limiting myself. What’s the point? Don’t get me wrong, I love neutrals, it’s what I’m most drawn to and what I feel most comfortable in. But, if I want to throw in mint or blush here and there, I should own it and ‘allow’ myself. It’s always fun seeing someone who usually sticks to neutrals, wear pops of color. It’s so unexpected and welcoming.

So, whether it’s the gloomy weather or me letting go of some control, I’m hoping to inject pops of color throughout the blog moving forward. Cheers to a brand new week and brighter days ahead!

S H O P  T H E  P O S T

Created in collaboration with Nordstrom

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  • The sweater looks lovely on you. With the colours being so soft and pastel, I would consider this a neutral piece anyway.

  • Those jeans are absolute perfection! I have become absolutely obsessed with Levi’s. I know sometimes we use the term obsessed loosely, but this is a true obsession. LOL! I can’t get enough. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we are just drawn to something, but think we should resist bc it isn’t our typical style. This happened to me with that gorgeous rust color mock neck sweater from Madewell. I wanted it, kept thinking about it but didn’t get it bc I never wear color. Now that it’s sold out, I’m kicking myself. The short of it…I think you made the right decision to snag it. Love the look, and the color is subtle enough that it kind of works as a neutral piece.
    XO! Gina
    XO! Gina

    • Yes, I always think it’s funny when this happens. It’s like you’re totally drawn to something, but don’t go 100% in because either you know you won’t actually wear it or you think it’s not your style. I’m learning this over time, embrace what draws you in, it makes you unique and even though it may not seem like you’re style, you can always style it to make work for you. And yes, it’s still sort of a neutral… baby steps over here ;)

  • Love the outfit! Did you cut the bottom of your jeans or did you purchase with the fit just like that? I have extra short legs so it’s always hard for me to find pants that fit well.

    • Thank you! And yes, I cut them. I love this style so much, but haven’t been able to find the perfect pair. I loved the way these looked on my legs, so decided to keep them and cut the bottoms.

  • Definitely still a neutral :D, and it looks great! I catch myself doing the same thing when it comes to shopping, except for me it’s more like, “oh, this will look really cool in pictures,” instead of stopping to think about how much I’ll actually love wearing the piece on a day-to-day basis. Does that ever happen to you?

    xx Hannah // http://www.HomemadeBanana.com

    • Oh, I’ve been guilty of that too. I’ve gotten so much better with buying things I actually wear, but every once in a while, I’m like really?!

  • Love this whole outfit, esp the sweater! Life is way too short and precious to have such strict rules about…..clothes. Especially based on what you think others want and not what you want. Wear what you love and makes you happy. Please!