Recent Purchases

Recent PurchasesLou & Grey skirt // Banana Republic sweater // Azalea trench coat // Jessica Simpson Claudette pumps // Nike Pre Montreal Vintage sneakers // Hipsters for Sisters fringe belt bag // Forever 21 drape trench // Lou & Grey sweater // Chelsea 28 trench

Lou & Grey skirt (xs) – I love that this skirt is super casual. It’s like athletic meets leisure meets dressed up all in one skirt. Sadly, it just sold out, but you can check your local Loft.

Banana Republic sweater (xs) – If you’re looking for a blush sweater, I’d definitely recommend this one from BR. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and the prettiest shade of pink. It comes in gray and black as well.

Azalea trench coat (xs) – Drape trench coats are all the rage right now and this one is close to perfect. I wouldn’t consider it a coat of any sorts as it’s really thin, but it’s a great layer for spring and even summer. The draping on this baby is all kinds of amazing. P.s. I also had this coat tailored along the sleeves and the length. Runs large.

Jessica Simpson pump (5) – I mentioned last week how much I love these. And the more I wear them the more I realize how versatile they are. If you’re on the fence about white pumps, I say, go for it!

Nike Pre Montreal vintage sneakers (5) – These are probably the most comfiest sneakers I’ve ever owned. The gray color is gorgeous too. For those of you that have issues with shoes making your feet look even bigger, these are for you! My feet look tiny… if a size 5 foot could look any smaller lol.

Hipsters for Sisters fringe belt bag – This fringe belt bag is the cutest! It’s really petite, but surprisingly roomy. It can be worn as crossbody or belt and comes in mulberry red, black, and nude.

Forever 21 drape trench (xs) – One of my favorite finds from Forever 21. With pieces like these, tailoring can make all the difference.  I had it taken in along the sleeves as well as the length… the thin material was a pain the ass for my seamstress, but it was so worth it!

Lou & Grey sweater (xxs p)- This sweater has been on mad repeat. The color, the fit, the ribbing, it’s pretty much perfection. It’s currently 50% off and comes in gray too.

Chelsea 28 trench coat (xxs) – After posting this picture on Instagram and making a couple of attempts to wear the coat, I’ve decided to get the length hemmed. While, I think the coat looks chic long, it’s a little too overwhelming on my petite frame. Aside from the color, I really love the crisp lines of this coat. The pop collar on this is everything!