Recent Outerwear Purchases + Restocks

Fall 2019 Outerwear

I love so many things about fall fashion, but I think I get most excited about outerwear. Jackets and coats are such a pivotal piece in cold weather dressing and they make such a statement. I have quite the collection now that I live in Oregon, but I’m still always looking out for what’s new. In general, the petite selection is limited, which always bums be out, but on top of that, small sizes sell out quick. I start looking for my outerwear in August. I know that seems crazy, but that’s how I’ve been able to expand my collection. I buy before everyone else starts to buy. I’ve already picked up a few new pieces (many still en route), but I thought I would do a roundup of everything I’m seeing so far. All but 2 coats are petite-friendly or come in petite sizes. If you’re at all thinking about picking up a few new outerwear pieces, I would definitely start your shopping now. Things will sell out fast.

Gap sherpa coat petite xs – I wore this coat to death last year and I’m excited to share I found an identical version here. While my version is petite, it was still quite long for me. The one I found seems like it’s a very similar length (A&F outerwear tends to run short).

I did end up getting this brown sherpa coat from A&F. It’s on it’s way to me now, so I can’t comment on fit, but the length looks pretty short on the model online, so I have high hopes. I ordered the xs and xxs. I will report back asap.

Old Navy coat petite 0 – I’ve been getting so many questions about this coat I just featured. I wasn’t sure it was going to fit because Old Navy tends to run big, but it fits quite well. A little roomy, but I think it will be great for layers. It’s fully lined and a color I don’t have yet in my outerwear collection.

J.Crew Ella long knit blazer xxs – One of my favorite recent finds. I didn’t know how this long knit blazer would fit, but i’m pleasantly surprised. It’s oversized, but I love the look. Slouchy and drapey in all the right places. It’s literally the long version of the Sophie blazer that I wear all the time.

Topshop coat petite 0 – I reach for this coat A LOT. It’s definitely one of my most-worn outerwear pieces in my closet. It looks like Topshop has brought it back or at least something very similar.

Abercrombie & Fitch trench coat xs – I’ve raved about this trench coat in pasts posts. This color is nearly sold out, but the black is just a great. The best drape-trench coat I’ve found that’s petite-friendly!

Gap houndstooth blazer petite 0 – I’m always on the hunt for blazers with the right fit. I typically gravitate toward the double-breasted styles, but I love this one. The houndstooth print is very on-trend for fall and I love the oversized fit. The arm length runs a little long, but otherwise, this has a great fit.

J.Crew double breasted top coat petite 00 – I have this coat in both gray and camel. It looks like J.Crew has brought both back, but not in petite… just yet. I’ve noticed J.Crew will release a coat in regular sizes and then a few days or weeks, they will release the petite versions. Stay tuned because these coats are so chic!

Asos trench coat petite 00 – Even though I bought and wore this coat in the summer, I’m excited to really wear it in the fall. I’m not typically a really oversized coat kinda girl, but I love this one. I believe it’s on sale in a couple sizes.

A couple more pieces I ordered that aren’t here yet – This brown sherpa coat (I bought the xs and xxs and debating on the other colors as well), this black blazer (petite 0), this tan blazer (petite 0). I ended up getting this long sweater blazer in black (as part of a collaboration) and I’m waiting to see if this wrap-coat comes in more colors. It’s a lot I know, but we have almost 9 months of cold weather in Oregon, so I feel like I can justify an entire closet full of outerwear.