The Essential First Step To Your Skincare Routine

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you know I’ve been really into beauty lately, clean beauty to be specific. Shelter-in-place really gave me the opportunity to try out a lot of new-to-me products and see which were effective for my skin and which were not. I’ve even started a new series on Stories on Tuesdays called Beauty Talk’s Tuesday (have you tuned in?). Today, I’m talking all about Herbivore’s new Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser – a clean beauty product that’s cruelty-free, vegan, and has sustainable glass packaging. 

Let me introduce you to the essential first step to your skincare routine – Herbivore’s Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser. The jelly, creamy texture cleanses and melts away makeup, while the tremella mushroom instantly plumps and hydrates. The cleanser includes rosewater, coconut water, and plant-based surfactants and squalane, all of which leave your skin clean, dewy, and not dry. I’ve noticed with some of my cleansers, my face feels incredibly stiff and dried out, which always feels like it’s stripping away all the good oils. The Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser is gentle, yet effective and to have it cleanse and take off my makeup (2-in-1 if you will) is kind of everything. I’m always up for something that simplifies my nighttime routine, anyone else?

If you’re in the market for the perfect clean beauty cleanser, the Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser is such a great option. The packaging is beautiful and sustainable and for every purchase, Herbivore is donating $1 to Black Lives Matter year-round.


Special thank you to Herbivore for partnering on this post.