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Nike jersey leggings // Nike sports bra // Gap cropped capris // Athleta jacket // Nike no show socks // Nike free sneakers // Athleta stripe tank // Athleta stripe leggings // Nike track pants // Yogitoes yoga towel // Nike sneakers // Athleta hoodie // Nike track tank // BP. yoga mat // Manduku yoga backback

I mentioned here and there I took a hiatus from working out the last couple of years. It wasn’t on purpose, life just got busy. I wasn’t gaining weight, so I felt it was okay to put work before my health and fitness. After the first year I started noticing I was becoming flabby and losing all my strength. I knew I wanted to get back in the swing of things and while I got myself into the gym or to our track workouts, I couldn’t get back into the routine of it. Not until we started prepping for our Hawaii trip (last November) did I really start to get my groove back. Aside from the holidays, I’d say I’ve been pretty consistent since then and actually started following a workout that has really kept me motivated.

Let me first say this. I’ve never ever followed a workout that’s been in a magazine, on tv, on the internet, etc. Mike is pretty intelligent when it comes to the human body, how it works, and how to properly stay fit. If anything, he would create workouts for me or we would workout together. But, seeing as getting to the gym was half my battle, I needed to find something that was not only quick, but motivating. I found Kayla Itsines on Instagram (do not judge me) and couldn’t help but be intrigued. That girl’s bod is CRAY! So, after saying I would never, I ended up buying her Bikini Body Workout Weeks 1-12 and haven’t looked back. Being someone who has been active my whole life (lifting weights for 10 years and soccer before that), these workouts are downright tough and the best part, they’re only 28 mins! You see physical results after a couple of weeks, but most importantly, you’re a whole lot stronger too.

While I won’t be posting progress photos on Instagram or anything (never say never), I’ll be working my way through the 12 weeks to become the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been. Mike can’t be the only one looking fit on our wedding day, right?! If you haven’t worked out and are looking for something motivating, or, maybe you want to switch things up, I would 100% recommend Kayla’s workouts. Be prepared to work your butt off though.

Typically, cute workout clothes get you motivated to get into the gym, but, I’m actually feeling it the other way around. I’ve been hitting the gym so much more, I’m excited to add some new pieces into the rotation. I own 3 pairs of these Gap cropped capris and they’re my absolute favorite! Great for women with short legs and super comfortable. How fierce are those Nike printed leggings? It’s almost like you can do extra sets when you wear them. I recently saw Katrina (the TIU girls) using a skidless yoga towel, which is so genius. Yoga mats aren’t the easiest things to wash, so why not put a skidless towel over it and when it gets dirty, you can throw it into the laundry. Awesome, right? Can I have all of the above, please!