Workout Upgrade: lululemon’s New Enlite Bra

Mike and I have officially been working out consistently since January 1st. Considering I couldn’t find a good balance between work and fitness for the longest time, this has been a huge success for us. I’m feeling more toned and 1000 percent stronger and all around more capable. We spend most of our time in the gym, but we love to get outside for a run or our track workouts. The weather this year has been pretty dreadful, so joining a gym has been a game changer, but we’re looking forward to more runs and workouts outdoors once the weather starts to warm up.

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I’m so excited to be teaming up with lululemon to help promote their new Enlite Bra. I played competitive soccer up until college and have been working out on and off my whole adult life. I’ve always been someone who prefers high-impact workouts over yoga and pilates (I think it has something to do with being a tomboy all my life), so being able to find a bra that can handle my workouts has been tricky. Plus I’m a C cup, so I need all the support I can get. Everything with support has been super compressed and tight. So, knowing that the Enlite Bra was created to be highly supportive and celebrates movement over restriction has been huge for the way I feel when I work out. The Enlite Bra really redefines what high performance and comfort feel like on a run.

I went into my local lululemon to get fitted for my Enlite Bra and the first thing I noticed was the streamlined fabric and feminine feel. It’s soft and buttery smooth, which feels amazing on your skin. There’s even a clasp to get the bra on and off. So, no more struggle when you’re sweaty and trying to take your bra off! My biggest take away and the reason why I love this bra so much, there’s so much support during my workouts, but it’s not restrictive at all. My boobs are free and not suffocating, but also don’t feel like they’re bouncing around. I also love that the feminine shape doesn’t create a uniboob (you know what I’m talking about!).

While this post is sponsored, everything written here is my honest opinion (as are all my reviews and collaborations). After using the bra a couple of times, I can honestly tell you it’s a workout game changer. If you’re looking for something that supports, but doesn’t suffocate, this is the bra for you!

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This post was created in collaboration with lululemon