Wedding Inspiration

Crystalin Marie wedding Inspiration

Seeing as though I spent my weekend at a good friend’s wedding and wedding planning has been in full force over here, it seemed fitting to start this week off with some wedding inspiration. I’ve never been that girl who’s dreamt of her wedding day, planned every detail in advance, or had her dress picked out. To be honest, I never even thought this day would happen (I thought I didn’t want to get married). When I turned 25 my thoughts began to change and I guess what you call reality hit me. Since I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Mike and eventually have kids, it made sense to take those next steps and think about marriage (we’re not getting any younger!).

It’s been almost 2 months since Mike popped the question and we’re in full on wedding planning mode. After doing a little bit of research I knew exactly what I wanted. Neutral color scheme (very fitting, right?), casual and laid back, rustic and charming, yet romantic and beautiful. I keep joking with a couple close friends, I have everything picked out except I can’t figure out the venue! I’ve already committed to something and backed out and now we’re starting from scratch again. Who knew the venue was going to be the toughest part? I really hope we find something soon, the lack of sleep over this is killing me!

I’m sure I’ll share a couple more posts on wedding inspiration, but if you have any tips or advice about wedding planning or getting married in general, please do share!

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