Weekend Recap

a cute succulent from one of Mike’s students and prints for a project I’m working for my office

my sister’s 8th grade graduation. wearing a Need Supply dress and J.Crew everly pumps

babysat Mike’s moms dog over the weekend

Kate held a Spark Party at her place in the city. Isn’t her apartment so cute?

BloomThat flowers and Sift Cupcakes

I like to think of him (James Franco) as my other fur child

Sweet & Spark just launched Spark Parties. Check out her site for more details!

these BloomThat flowers were absolutely stunning!

Saint James tee //  Mossimo shorts // Target hat // Mercanti Fiorentini loafers

This past week/weekend was the start of a very busy summer. I had my sister’s graduation, Mike’s last day of school, we babysat Mike’s moms dog, and then I was off to the city for my girl Jillian’s Spark Party. Kate was generous to host at her place (which she did a phenom job) and I got to see one of my favorites, Mr. James Franco himself. Sunday was spent catching up on life and sadly watching the Miami Heat get slaughtered by the Spurs. Sad to see my guys loose, but I could not be happier for a more deserving team. In other sports news, is anyone watching the World Cup?