Weekend Recap

BB Dakota Jasper drape front jacket // Gap tee // A&F diy denim shorts (love these) // Tory Burch Robinson satchel (middy version) // Halogen d’orsay flats

nothing like a mid-week margarita!

the comfiest Yosi Samra ballets flats ever!

Caught in a wind storm with our friends Kate and James Franco

these two together…. I can’t get enough!

How cute are they? Photo courtesy of Tyler

sometimes vegan donuts are necessary

Yosi Samra ballet flats // American Eagle midi shorts // Cuyana tote

Gluten free pasta and not-so-gluten free bread. The bread was a must after watching the nail bitting end to the USA vs Portugal game.

still deciding on how to display my prints…

Wow, what a weekend! Mike was out of town visiting family in Sacramento, so Lola and I spent all of Saturday in the city visiting some of our favorites, Kate, Tyler, and Mr. James Franco. This was the first time Lola and James were really able to spend some quality time together… you know sniff each other out, jump around, and get their pawing game on. To say it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen would be a huge understatement. I could literally watch them play all day… but then again I’m crazy and obsessed with both these animals.

Sunday was all about soccer and the USA vs Portugal game. Did you watch? I’m still in absolute shock on how it ended. I was devastated. I really hope we don’t regret that one… but, I was really proud of how they played. So much better than the Ghana game. Bring on Germany, baby!

How was your weekend?