Weekend Recap 25

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? We didn’t necessarily have a ton of things on our schedule, but we were randomly busy. We’re starting to get down to business on getting organized with all things baby. We told ourselves we’d start once we got back from the Bay Area, and let’s just say, there’s a lot. We have to plan our California baby shower in October, get the registry down,  start the nursery, plan content for the upcoming holiday season, figure out our blog/work schedule once baby gets here, okay I can go on and on. I’m hoping by staying busy up until baby D gets here, I’ll be less anxious for her to get here (yes, I’m already like, I want to meet you, lol).

Kure Juice bar

Acai bowls at Kure Juice Bar.

West Elm Modern 6 drawer laquer dresser
Babyletto hudson crib

West Elm modern 6 drawer dresser, West Elm planter // Babyletto Hudson crib, Loom Goods pillow cover

Naps with the dogs

The whole crew napping. Can you see Mike’s feet in the hallway, lol?

Gathre Mat
Lola and Riley

Gathre mat, Baby Gap onesie, Baby Gap beanie, Baby Bling headband, H&M bip // So many snuggles with these two last week. I missed them so much while we were gone.

fifty licks vegan ice cream

First time at Fifty Licks. Had the vegan chocolate with coconut caramel ribbon.

cebo pizza
Cebo ciabatta bread

First time at Cibo as well. Really good food!

On Friday, we work up early and headed downtown to run a couple errands. We stopped by Kure, which was perfect for the heat at 10am. BTW, we’ve been in a massive heat wave 100+ everyday. We picked up a few pieces at West Elm for the nursery. There was a whole dresser debacle, which seems to always happen to us. They said they had the dresser in-stock on Monday, I called on Thursday and was told it had been put out on the floor and was no longer for sale. We ended up not borrowing my uncles SUV on Friday, but went in to buy the in-transit option. We were then told they had the original dresser in-store and could sell it to us. We were happy about that, but we didn’t bring the right car. Do these people know how frustrating they are? My aunt ended up meeting us downtown with the SUV, but still. Let’s get it together people. Mind you, it was 100 degrees that day. Mike finished painting the nursery and then we stayed up late putting together the crib. We thought we could make it very cute/romantic. You know, staying up until midnight, reading over instructions, in stretch pants, no makeup, and a baggy shirt. I did feel the baby kick for the first time, so that was pretty special.

Saturday morning was a whole other ridiculous scenario. I’m almost thinking this dresser wasn’t meant to be, lol. We thought we’d put the dresser together and hang the curtain rod. The nursery would be far from complete, but you know, we’re getting there. Well, Mike comes in from the garage and tells me there’s no way we could move the dresser in the house and up the stairs by ourselves (he didn’t realize how heavy it was). I’m irritated because I’m pregnant and impatient and really want all the nursery pieces set up already. We contemplate all the different situations. Should we knock on our neighbors door, could we slide it on a blanket across the floor, or maybe we have to wait until a friend could help us. After walking the dogs and thinking about it some more, Mike thinks we can do it. Basically, we drag the dresser across the hardwood floor by placing it on a blanket. We make it to the stairs, place it on a bigger sheet, and Mike is pushing from the bottom, and I’m pulling the sheet up from the top. I made sure to sit down and use my legs up each step, otherwise, I don’t think the squatting position would have been good for baby. I think Mike was most nervous for me using too much force. I tried to just guide him and not overly exert myself. It ended up working out, but looking back at us pushing the dresser up the stairs, I can’t help but laugh/think we’re crazy.  The things a husband will do for their crazy pregnant wife, lol.

We ended the night celebrating my uncle’s birthday at my aunt’s house. We got into a deep conversation about the whole “wait until you have kids” quote that everyone says. I have so much to say about this, stay tuned for a blog post.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Sunday we took it easy. I worked in the morning, Mike hung the curtain rod in the nursery (the dresser debacle was too much, so we didn’t get to the rod on Saturday, lol), we ran a couple errands, and then ended the night at Cibo and Fifty Licks. Some of you may hate me for saying this, but I’m ready for cooler weather. While I love summer, I can’t handle these heat waves. Plus, I’m ready to wear jeans. I say that, but I probably won’t be able to fit into any soon. I have been perusing maternity jeans though… I’ll be sure to post about anything I buy and love.

While we had some furniture/nursery issues this last week, I’m happy to report, we love how everything is coming together. I’ll share more updates as pieces arrive and get settled. I’ll be sharing our nursery inspiration this week, so you can get a better sense of the direction we’re going in. It will be very similar to our master bedroom.