Weekend Recap 26

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? While exhausting, ours was pretty eventful. We had our 20 week ultrasound AND we bought a car! More on both below. I did want to mention how we got a break from the heat wave and man did it feel AMAZING. Sunday was glorious. We woke up to a bit of rain and overcast skies. I think it was in the mid 60’s-70’s throughout the day and I just loved every second of it.  We slept in, cuddled in bed with the pups, Mike ran out and got us bagels and coffee, I got a bunch of stuff done on the computer, and then we headed out for sushi. One of my favorite days in a while!

H&M kimono onsies
West Elm modern 6 drawer dresser

H&M kimono onesies, Burt’s Bees beanie, Lu & Milk teething accessories // Organizing all-things baby. Everything is just way too cute!

Riley snuggles

Riley is the best snuggler.

All bird sneaker
Veggie pizza

Finally, a cool walk for the pumps. I’m wearing Allbird sneakers, BP. leggings small (DIY hems), and Topshop hoodie (old, similar) // Veggie pizza with the family.

2017 Acura MDX

Our new Acura MDX. She’s a beauty!

Maternity workout wear
H&M baby clothes

I can barely fit into any of my workout clothes. I look and feel huge in them. Wearing lululemon tank 4, Gap capri pants xs, lululemon sports bra // H&M onesies here, here, and here.


He’s been so nervous to come into the nursery. His face says it all, lol.

Baby D Closet
Baby D 20 week ultrasound

Her neutral closet is just the cutest! // Her little profile is everything!

We had our big 20 week ultrasound on Friday and everything went well! We still have to wait to hear from the radiologist, but from how I’m feeling and how the appointment went, we’re feeling good. This is the long ultrasound, where they look at every body part, usually taking up to 2 hours. Baby D was moving around so much and in the right positions, it only took us 40 minutes. You guys, her profile is already so cute! It was so surreal to see her and all her body parts. It’s crazy to think that’s inside of me, lol! She’s also been moving and kicking like crazy. Mike wasn’t able to feel her as easily as I was until Saturday night. Definitely a special moment.

And if that wasn’t enough to make our weekend, we bought a car! We had been telling ourselves we would go and test drive some SUVs, but hadn’t done so until last Thursday. When we moved up to Oregon we sold Mike’s truck, so we’ve only had one car this whole time while living here. With a baby on the way we knew we needed to add another car and we wanted something bigger to accommodate our growing family. We test drove 2 on Thursday and 3 on Saturday and came home with the Acura MDX. Although we were ecstatic about our car when we brought it home Saturday night, the whole process was long and exhausting, we literally got into bed at 9:30 and passed out, lol. We’re officially looking like parents!

For those of you interested in where I’ve been shopping for Baby D, I will be sharing a dedicated blog post on where I’ve been shopping and all the new shops I’ve discovered along the way.

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