2014 in Review

After reflecting on this year, going through photos, and reading old blog posts, I realize 2014 has been quite the year. There’s been so much going on as of late, I didn’t realize how awesome this past year has been to Mike and I. While getting engaged may be the most exciting and special part of the year, 2014 was also all about growth. I’m nowhere near being my best self, but I’m slowly but surely getting there. I’ve become less controlling, less anxious, less judgmental more experienced, more open-minded, and most importantly, happier. There’s always going to be highs and lows every year, but as long as you’re experiencing, growing, and finding happiness through it all, what more can you ask for? I’m extremely grateful for everything this year has given me and even more thankful for all of your support. Without you, this blog could not exist.

This last year I…

Teamed up with Christine– I feel like this partnership was a huge stepping stone for this blog. I’m extremely grateful to have worked with her and excited to says she’s our wedding photographer!

Relaunched & rebranded the blog– This was a lot of hard work and terrifying at the same time. ITCWC transformed into Crystalin Marie and I’m so happy with the the transition.

Took our first family photos– Mike and I don’t have a ton of photos together, so it was nice to finally capture our little family of 3.

Teamed up with Target for a year long partnership– Landing this partnership was huge for me. I’m thankful for the entire experience and so glad I was able to work with a brand that’s so relatable to us all.

Cut my hair short– This past year I finally came to the realization that my hair looks best short. Cannot believe how long it was… even looking at old blog photos freaks me out a bit. Other than growing it out a bit for the wedding, I think this length is here to stay!

Teamed up with some amazing brands- Favorites include Adidas, Calypso St. Barth, Ted Baker, DL1961Daniel Wellington, Cuyana, and Anthropologie.

Hosted my first event with Madewell– I was extremely flattered when Madewell reached out to me, but also terrified no one would show up.  The event ended up being a success and I was able to meet and chat with some of you in person.

Got engaged– After knowing each other for over 10 years, Mike finally popped the question. It’s still so surreal seeing a ring on my finger!

Traveled to Hawaii– Mike and I hadn’t been on a big trip since we were in Costa Rica a couple years ago, so we were extremely grateful for this one. It was also both our first times to Hawaii, so it felt extra special.

What to Look Forward to in 2015

Seeing as though I’ll be getting married, I have a feeling 2015 will be my best year yet! I’m looking forward to sharing more personal posts with you guys, redesigning my blog, adding contributors (if you’re interested, shoot me an email), stepping out of my comfort zone with more diverse outfits, getting married, possibly adding a new puppy to the family, and becoming the boss lady I’ve always dreamed to be. I’m so excited for what the next year will bring and I’m even more excited to have you all join me along the way.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015!

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