Our Backyard Baby Shower

Crystalin Marie Baby Shower wooden welcome sign

I’m finally sharing our baby shower photos! It was only 6 months ago, lol. Mike and I were going back and forth on whether or not we were going to take photos on this day ourselves with our camera or have someone shoot it for us. We’re so thankful Leslie shot for us because these photos are gorgeous, but also, we were so busy that weekend and we probably would have zero photos from that day.

Crystalin Marie Baby Shower casual table setting

Crystalin Marie Baby Shower

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Crystalin Marie Baby Shower Tango and Foxtrot

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Crystalin Marie backyard Baby Shower

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Crystalin Marie Baby Shower Tango & Foxtrot florals

Crystalin Marie Baby Shower decor

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Crystalin Marie baby shower welcome sign


Right from the beginning, I told Mike I wanted a co-ed, non-traditional baby shower. We live in Oregon and all our family and friends live in the Bay Area. We don’t get to see everyone very often, so if we were going to be down for there for a shower anyway, why not invite everyone, right? The only downside, it was like planning a wedding, lol. Our biggest issue was finding a venue. I wanted something outside for aesthetic reasons, but also a lot of our friends and family have kids and we wanted enough space for them to run around. Scott’s (Mike’s long time friend) parents house popped into my head and they were so gracious to allow us to use their backyard. It was literally the perfect backdrop for the day.

Other than the wind (our poor BABY D gold balloons), the day could not have been more perfect. The weather was amazing and the decor came together just as I envisioned. After planning our wedding, I told myself I would never do something like that again. I guess time heals all because 2 years later I planned a crazy baby shower, lol. Let’s just say, I promised Mike we would never plan parties this big again. While I’m so glad it all turned out well and we have these photos to remember the special day, it was A LOT. Planning a huge party from out of state at 7 months pregnant is not ideal and extremely stressful. Also, I can never enjoy myself at the actual party (my wedding was the same). I’m not cut out for it, haha.

Now that it’s been over 6 months and I have these beautiful photos to look back on and even show Harper one day, I’m so glad we did it. Stressful, but worth it. A huge shoutout to everyone who helped make my dream baby shower happen (I know I put you to work, lol).

My piece of advice if you’re planning a party from out of state. I shipped all my orders to my dad’s house in San Jose. I Facetimed him before we flew down and had him de-box every package (he felt like he was a Youtube star, lol), so I could make sure everything arrived correctly. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have all your supplies just to open the box and it’s the wrong item. Also, I bought a lot of stuff on Amazon and couldn’t recommend them more for parties like this.

Vendors / Details

Photographer – Leslie Tresher

Florals – Tango & Foxtrot

Planning – Crystalin

Location – The Rollins (Mike’s friends parents house) in Saratoga, Ca

Appetizers – eNVy Kitchen

Catering – Tacolicious

Desserts – Sift Dessert Bar

Vegan Cake – Icing on the Cake

Rentals – Williams Party Rentals

Wooden Signs – DecorSuite

Custom Cocktail Napkins – For Your Party

Baby Prediction Cards – Blossom Studio UK

Giant White Balloons – Amazon

Teepees Tents – Amazon

Wooden Crates – Borrowed from Natalie’s dad

Large Gold Letter Balloons – Amazon

Gerber Baby Onesies – Amazon

Iron On Letters – Amazon

Throw Blankets  – Amazon