My Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower

Wow, this post is just 2 years late, lol. Since I’m in the process of working with my aunt and cousin on my baby shower, I was pulling inspiration, and thought it would be a nice time to finally share my bridal shower. Sorry, if this seems super out of date, but everything came out so beautiful, it seems foolish not to share the images with you.

Giant gold balloons

Mike and Crystalin engagement photos

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Tango & Foxtrot floral arrangement

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Crystalin Marie's bridal shower

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Crystalin Marie's budget friendly bridal shower

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I wanted to keep things as budget-friendly as we could. Mike’s friends had used this venue in the past for a baby shower and I thought it would work perfectly for my intimate bridal shower. Really good lighting, furniture to help set up props and decorations, and local to most people that were attending. As I think back to this time, it all seemed like a blur. Planning a wedding, starting a new job in San Francisco, commuting, and running this blog. I don’t know how I did it. Thankfully, I had the help of awesome vendors. My aunt catered the event. Her food is not only clean and organic, but it’s beautiful and photographs perfectly. The florals were gorgeous. I loved working with Michele and Marianne from Tango & Foxtrot. I’m actually working them again for my baby shower! I’ve been a fan of Sift Dessert Bar ever since stopping by their shop years ago (see this post). Everything is beautiful and SO SO delicious. Even their vegan options are incredibly tasty! Meghann Miniello did all our signs and stationary for our wedding, so I worked with her to keep the same theme going for my bridal shower. She’s super knowledgeable and awesome to work it. These beautiful photographs were taken by Isabelle from Chiarashine Photography. This was my first time working with her and I loved how she captured everything so beautifully. She took candids, but also focused on the details, which I always love.

If anyone is looking for Bay Area wedding or bridal shower vendors, I would highly suggest checking out all the vendors we used. They were awesome!

While I think my bridal shower came out super feminine for me, I think we’ll go more neutral, greenery for my baby shower.

S H O P  B R I D A L  S H O W E R  D R E S S E S

Some tips on cutting cost for your bridal shower:

  • Opt for a casual setting with finger foods and a light lunch.
  • Think about not-your-average venue location. I think we paid $200 for this place.
  • Get as much help from family and friends.
  • Do as much planning on your own as you can. Pinterest is your friend. 
  • Give yourself enough time for DIY’s. I found all my game ideas on Pinterest.
  • Plan and think ahead.

Vendor Details

Photography – Chiarashine PhotographyFlorals – Tango & FoxtrotCatering – eNVy KitchenDessert Bar – Sift Dessert BarSigns and Stationary – Meghann MinielloRentals – Williams Party RentalsVenue – Fruitdale Station Apartments Rec Room, Planning – Crystalin

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :