At-Home Try On’s

Happy Friday! I’m sharing my recent At-Home Try On’s just in time for all the weekend sales. One thing I’ve noticed by documenting my try-on’s, I have to go through so many pieces before I find something I love and want to keep. Shopping ain’t easy, people. While I prefer to shop online, it’s so much harder to find pieces you love. Either things don’t fit, it doesn’t match the photo online, or you don’t love the material. The good news in all this, I get to share all the hits and misses with you, ha! 

Anthropologie gingham dress 4
Anthropologie gingham dress 3
Anthropologie gingham dress 2
Anthropologie gingham dress 1

Anthropologie Gingham Dress (petite xxs) – I went back and forth with this dress for a while. I’m all for gingham right now and this petite-friendly dress fit pretty well. I love the off the shoulder detail, ruffles, and the pockets. My only hesitation was the color. If the dress was black gingham, I totally would have kept it. All the details, plus the color seemed a little too feminine for my style. If you’re into gingham and love a little off-the-shoulder detail, this dress is super cute and fits really well.

Anthropologie nude dress 1
Anthropologie nude dress 2
Anthropologie nude dress 4
Anthropologie nude dress 3

Anthropologie Stripe Nude Dress (petite xxs) – I picked up this nude striped off-the-shoulder dress thinking it would be super cute to wear to wineries in the summer or just anywhere outdoors once the weather warmed up. Both my aunt and Mike hated the color. They felt it seemed very old school and bland. I happen to think it’s a great neutral (of course) and would look great with a nice tan. I want to say the sleeves are supposed to sit right at the top of my shoulders. So, slightly off the shoulder but not totally. I didn’t love the way that looked and prefered to wear the sleeves more off the shoulder. The length could have been a little shorter, but besides that, the dress run TTS. The belt really helps with the excess material and gives it shape. If you’re going on vacation, this dress would be amazing. Comfortable, easy, and can be dressed up or down.

BP distressed denim jacket 2
BP distressed denim jacket 4
BP distressed denim jacket 3
BP distressed denim jacket 1

BP. Distressed Denim Jacket (xxs) – As previously mentioned, I’ve been on the search for a couple different denim jacket options. I wear mine so much, it was time to add to my collection. I love the distressing on this one. The material is rather thin for a denim jacket, but I do love that it’s lightweight and soft. It’s supposed to fit oversized, but unfortunately, it’s too big on me. The shoulders and length actually fit fairly well, it’s just the arm length and width that are way too big. If you’re looking for a distressed oversized denim jacket, I would recommend this one as long as you can size down (the price can’t be beat!).

BP step hem jeans 2
BP step hem jeans 1

BP. Step Hem Jeans (24) – I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of distressed skinny jeans for what seems like months. With so many different styles out right now, the skinny distressed is no longer easy to find, I guess. Ideally, I want a dark wash with some fade, rips that land on my knees, and a mid rise. I’ve been a little desperate, so I’ve been trying many different brands I normally wouldn’t gravitate toward. Nordstrom always has great options at really low prices, so when I saw these were $60, I immediately snagged them. Maybe I’ve been searching for the perfect skinny jeans in all the wrong places… First thing I noticed with these, the wash is very different than what the picture shows online. I want to say more a medium wash and not a faded light wash. The distressing was also different. Maybe my jeans need to be more worn in? Anyway, the 24’s fit slightly big in the waist, but nothing a wash and dry couldn’t fix. The step hem ran long in the back, but if I kept them I would have cut the back hem off. They’re high waisted, which helps elongate my legs. Overall, I would say super flattering for the price. The quality isn’t really there, but for $60 I wasn’t expecting anything more. I think the main reason I didn’t keep them was because of the wash. Definitely not my favorite. For those of you interested, they run TTS and the rips land on your knees (for other petite ladies).

Endless Rose embroidered top 1
Endless Rose embroidered top 2
Endless Rose embroidered top 3
Endless Rose embroidered top 4

Endless Rose Embroidered Top (xs) – One of my biggest weaknesses in the summer, embroidered tops. You can never have too many and they all serve a different purpose. This one from Endless Rose is so pretty. I LOVE the high collar detail! It does seem to run slightly small in the torso and bust. The arms run long on me, which isn’t the easiest to function with considering the flared sleeve. Probably not the most petite-friendly top I’ve tried on, but definitely doable. It also runs pretty sheer. I’m wearing a nude bra under, which seems to work, although you can see it through the embroidered details. Not a big deal to me, but something to think about.

Gap always skinny jeans 4
Gap always skinny jeans 1
Gap always skinny jeans 2
Gap always skinny jeans 3

Gap Always Skinny Jeans (petite 24) – While browsing Gap’s website for the boyfriend jeans below, I stumbled upon these. I was immediately drawn to the raw hem and the light wash. While I do love the fit and the length, I don’t love them on me. The rise is low (been really into mid or high rise lately) and they don’t do anything for my legs. Plus, I have a couple pairs of Gap jeans that are very similar. If you’re looking for a light wash, ankle jean, at a great price point, these will do the job.

Gap boyfriend jeans
Gap boyfriend jeans 2
Gap boyfriend jeans 4
Gap boyfriend jeans 1

Gap Boyfriend Jeans (petite 24) – I tried these in-store and fell in the love with the wash and distressing. They’re ridiculously soft and comfortable and the perfect light wash for summer. The regular 24 was too big, so I decided to order a petite 24 in hopes it would be smaller all the way around. Unfortunately, they’re still too big. I was thinking I could wash them to see if they will shrink, but I’ve done this with way too many pairs of jeans without any luck. If you’re looking for a semi-slim pair of boyfriend jeans, I would definitely recommend these. Just make sure you size down. They’re at a great price point, too!

J.Crew Chambray 4
J.Crew Chambray 3
J.Crew Chambray 2
J.Crew Chambray 1

J.Crew Chambray (petite 00) – I’ve needed a new chambray for a while. I finally ordered a new one, but unfortunately, didn’t love it. It appears lighter with more fade online. In-person I would say it’s very blue and western-like. I also thought it would be thinner and have a more relaxed fit, but rather, it’s thick and stiff. Super sad this one didn’t work out. When it comes to button downs, J.Crew petite sizes are usually spot on. I haven’t been able to find any other brands that fit my petite-frame. If you have a chambray you love, I’d love to hear about it!

J.Crew denim pencil skirt 1
J.Crew denim pencil skirt 2
J.Crew denim pencil skirt 3
J.Crew denim pencil skirt 4

J.Crew Denim Skirt (petite 24) – I was going for that Olivia Palermo chambray and denim skirt combo and it was a major fail with this skirt. The wash makes it look cheap and I would say it runs slightly large (doesn’t hug your hips). The pockets are functional and it has a good amount of stretch, which I like, but overall I think J.Crew missed the mark on this one. If you’re interested, you may want to size down.

J.Crew Faux Leather Pleated midi skirt 2
J.Crew Faux Leather Pleated midi skirt 3
J.Crew Faux Leather Pleated midi skirt 4
J.Crew Faux Leather Pleated midi skirt 1

J.Crew Faux Leather Pleated Midi Skirt (petite 00)- This skirt had been on my wishlist for awhile. I’ve been super into midi skirts lately and this one had the potential of being worn quite a bit in my wardrobe. I love the pleats and the length and I would say it has great proportions for petites. It was a little stiff for my liking, though. It doesn’t move well with you, if that makes sense. This was the sole reason I didn’t keep it. If you don’t mind the shape and the fact that it’s not flowy, this may be a great midi skirt option for you. The faux leather isn’t the softest I’ve tried-on, but for the price, it looks and feels nice.

J.Crew Striped Maxi Dress 2
J.Crew Striped Maxi Dress 4
J.Crew Striped Maxi Dress 5
J.Crew Striped Maxi Dress 3

J.Crew Long Sleeve Striped Maxi Dress (petite 00) – I thought this dress could be really cute once the weather warmed up. Striped maxi dresses always seem super carefree and easy, yet still put together. This one is super thick and restricting. I took my normal size, but it was way too small in the shoulders and bust. The length, however, was perfect. This dress is almost sold out, but if you’re able to snag one, make sure you size up!

J.Crew white denim jacket 2
J.Crew white denim jacket 1

J.Crew White Denim Jacket (petite xs) – I wear my denim jackets all the time. Since they’re an absolute closet essential for me,  I decided to start looking for different color options. I stumbled upon this white one from J.Crew. I’m all about white everything this year (bags and shoes), so I figured it would pair well with my neutral wardrobe. Plus, I’m a big fan of J.Crew petites, so I had to give this one a try. While it probably looks like it fits in the photos, I didn’t love the cropped length or the rather loose and wide arms. Honestly, I think this jacket would almost look better if it were oversized a bit. The shrunken, cropped style feels very little kid to me, if that makes sense. I have a feeling denim jackets in any other color but denim, might be harder to find than you would think. If you’re interested in this jacket, go size up, but also know it does have a cropped fit.

Madewell bell sleeve top 1
Madewell bell sleeve top 2
Madewell bell sleeve top 4
Madewell bell sleeve top 3

Madewell Striped Bell Sleeve Top (xxs)- When I spotted this top on the Madewell website, I had to have it. Stripes, check, bell sleeves check! Sadly, the xxs fit was a little too oversized and I didn’t love the very open collar (something you can’t really tell from the photos on the website). I think if I was able to size down, it would have worked. It is one of those tops that wrinkles fairly easy, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, this may not be a good option for you. I do love that it’s a classic striped poplin with updated details.

Madewell black overalls 3
Madewell black overalls 2
Madewell black overalls 4
Madewell black overalls 1

Madewell Black Overalls (xxs)- I love my denim overalls so much, I decided to give these short black ones a try. I bought them in-store, but didn’t try them on until I got home. While they fit, I think going one size up would be so much more comfortable. I’ve noticed with both short and regular overalls from Madewell the style is a bit more fitted (especially around your hips). While I didn’t have success with the denim pair, I really adore these. The black is super versatile and the denim is not too heavy or stiff. Crossing my fingers sizing up will help with fit. I will keep you posted.

Madewell eyelet top 2
Madewell eyelet top 1

Madewell Eyelet Ruffle Top (xxs) – As you know, I’m a sucker for eyelet, so the second this top hit the website, I snagged it. Sadly, it’s tiny! It’s super cropped and narrow. I would probably need to size up 2 sizes for this to look normal at all. When something is small on me, you know it’s tiny, lol. The eyelet details are gorgeous and I love the ruffles (although they don’t seem to be as large in-person as they appear on the model). It’s adorable with denim cut offs or jeans, and would even be cute with my overalls… I may have to try a medium or small in-store.

Madewell one shoulder top 4
Madewell one shoulder top 1
Madewell one shoulder top 3
Madewell one shoulder top 2

Madewell One Shoulder Top (xxs) – This was another Madewell top I had to have. BTW, I’ve decided Madewell is my absolute favorite right now. Every time new arrivals come out, I want everything! Anyways, this top looks adorable on the model on the website. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it on me. The off-the-shoulder sleeve is very loose, so it hangs down quite a bit. And in general, there seems to be a lot of material. I’m wondering if you should size down… I want this top to work so bad, it’s just too cute. Maybe I’ll re-style it to see if I can make it work.

Madewell striped skirt 2
Madewell striped skirt 4
Madewell striped skirt 1
Madewell striped skirt 3

Madewell Striped Skirt (xxs) – I have the beige version of this skirt and loved it so much, I ordered this blue striped one. Unfortunately, I don’t love this one as much as the beige one. It’s shorter, which is nice, but it also flares out a bit. Both skirts are super cute for spring and summer. They’re comfortable and super flattering. Both hit at a great spot on my legs, which when you add a heel, make my legs look like they go on for days. Both are TTS, although they may be super short if you’re tall.

Pleione off the shoulder dress 4
Pleione off the shoulder dress 1
Pleione off the shoulder dress 2
Pleione off the shoulder dress 3

Pleione Off the Shoulder Dress (petite xxs) – This dress was a huge hit when I posted it on Instagram Stories. The blush color alone is super on-trend. The off the shoulder style is still going strong and this one has been updated with ruffle details. I’m wearing a petite xxs, which is my normal size, but sadly, it’s still quite overwhelming on my frame. It’s fully lined and has pockets, which I loved! It comes in an assortment of colors and in petite sizes. If you’re taller than me, I would definitely try this dress out. It’s a great basic for spring and summer and can be worn to so many occasions. Definitely size down, though.

Willow & Clay embroidered top 2
Willow & Clay embroidered top 3
Willow & Clay embroidered top 4
Willow & Clay embroidered top 1

Willow & Clay Embroidered Top (xs) – Because you haven’t seen me try enough embroidered tops on, here’s another one! This one has a combination of embroidered and eyelet details and I love that the bell sleeves give it a nice twist. I’m wearing an xs and it fits slightly big. I don’t mind the bust and torso fitting oversized, it’s just the arm length is tough when you have such a flared sleeve. This top also runs slightly sheer. I’m wearing a nude bra here and it appears to be fine, but just keep that in mind.

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