How I’m Getting Back in Shape After Having a Baby

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I officially started working out last week!!! It feels great to be back in the groove of things and feeling like myself again. I’m taking it super slow and yes, I’ve already had very sore days. I knew getting back in a workout routine was going to be difficult after having a baby. Not necessarily working out, but finding time in our busy schedule to fit it in. Thankfully, our friend Brittany reached out to us about her new Fit Mama workout program. This program is catered to new moms – 20 minutes long, can be done at home, and focuses on your postpartum body. Thankfully, Mike is completely on board, so he’s been helping me along the way. Doing the workouts with me, getting all the gear setup, and just being there for me mentally.

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We’re still trying to figure out our schedule (work, fitness, baby, personal), but right now I’m trying to workout 3 days/week and incorporating family walks as well. I knew my schedule would be crazy once Harper was here, but trying to figure out your day in between feedings and nap time is CRAY, lol. Harper is still feeding almost every 3 hours, so we basically live in that 2 hour window between feedings to get everything done. Right now it seems like I’m most successful when I plan everything out on Sunday before the week. With that being said, everything is dependent on if Harper goes down for a nap / stays asleep. Luckily, we’ve been able to fit the workouts in so far. I love that they’re only 20 minutes, but tough at the same time.

I’m going to listen to my body, but I’m hoping to start running around 3 months postpartum. Walking right now is sufficient for my cardio, but just knowing myself, I’ll want something more challenging soon. A couple runs a week and 3 days of resistances and weights sounds manageable… haha, but we will see. I will keep you posted.

In terms of food and nutrition. I’m a pretty clean eater in general (and plant based), so I never really watch what I eat or stay away from anything. Other than my first trimester and the first weeks of postpartum (when I was pumping galore), my eating has remained the as it was before I even got pregnant. There’s definitely a few areas where I can make better choices, but I’m so limited already, so I probably won’t make any drastic changes.

My goal in all of this is to build my strength back up and to fit into my clothes. I’m not really looking to get back to a certain number. I’m breastfeeding and my boobs alone probably weigh 10 pounds right now, lol. I’m just looking to feel better in my clothes / jeans and to feel stronger. I will document my journey on Stories, so if you’re interested, you can follow along there.

If you’re a mom, I would love to hear about your postpartum workout journey.