My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Favorite Amazon Products 2

I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a very long time. Not the prettiest post I’ve ever done, but definitely helpful and resourceful. Ever since having Harper, I’ve noticed we have at least 1 order a week coming from Amazon. I’m not sure if it’s awesome or if it’s a little too convenient, lol. They have a vast assortment of baby products, it takes a little researching, but I’ve found so many great things for Harper. The ease, nothing beats free 2 day shipping, especially when you have a baby. If you’re an Amazon Prime member or simply an avid Amazon shopper, this post is for you. I’m always interested in other people’s favorite purchases, so if you’re like me, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this one!

Dog Car Booster – I received so many questions about our car boosters on Instagram Stories. We searched for quite some time before purchasing and we love them so far. They’re a great neutral color, they’re high enough the dogs can see out the window, they connect to their harnesses, and are big enough for both our dogs (they’re in individual boosters. Riley is 18 pounds). The seats are reversible – a soft cushion for colder months and the other side is for summer. It’s machine washable (we haven’t washed them yet). For the most part, the dogs stay in their seats.

Baby Vitamin D – I was looking for a Vitamin D alternative from what the hospital sends you home with (filled with terrible ingredients). I did some research and ended up on Amazon (go figure). This one had great reviews and I love the simple ingredients. It’s tasteless and Harper doesn’t mind it one bit. We haven’t had any issues administering it, either.

Paul Mitchell Wax Works – I’ve talked about this product before, but in case you missed it, it’s my favorite hair product. I use this every time I curl my hair. It gives texture and also holds the curls fairly well. The wax is sticky when you put it in your hands, but once it’s in your hair, it’s no sticky at all. I would highly recommend this!

Jolly Jumper – We just purchased this and we’re obsessed. Mike says it’s the best baby investment we’ve made yet. It’s quite large, so if you have a small space, this might be overwhelming. Harper absolutely loves it and I love it’s simple and neutral design. Endless amount of fun for baby.

Avent Glass Baby Bottles – I purchased a couple of these glass bottles in the 4 oz size before Harper was born. I had every intention to breastfeed, so I didn’t want to stock up on bottles if we didn’t need them. Luckily, Harper took to breastfeeding right away and I haven’t had to deal with the hassle of bottles (all the supplies, cleaning, trying different nipples, etc.). We did feed her with the 4oz early on and she took to it well. Fast forward 5 months and we’re trying to feed her with a bottle once a day (that’s the goal). We moved up to the 8oz bottles and we haven’t had any issues. I like that these are safe and the nipples are interchangeable based on your baby’s preference. We use the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer and the bottles work perfectly.

Owlivia Sleepers – Best sleepers we’ve used! I’ve started to get these for friends who are expecting. Thick, soft, and the zipper is everything. Highly, highly recommend. They run tighter than your average sleeper from Gap or Old Navy.

Hat Extender – One of my Janessa Leone hats came a little snug (although I ordered my normal size), so I bought this hat extender. I wasn’t sure if these even worked, but to my surprise they do! My Janessa Leone hat is quite thick, so it took a few days. It works fairly quick for thinner hats (baseball caps, fisherman hats). Inexpensive and super handy.

Travel Steamer – We just tried this steamer out on Harper’s very thick blackout curtains in the nursery and it works wonderfully. I love the small size. My only complaint, it doesn’t have a lock on the button. The steamer we had before had a lock, so you didn’t have to press the button the entire time you steamed. It simply stayed on. It’s workout for your thumb, but for the size, this is an awesome steamer.

Meyers Baby Detergent – This is our favorite baby detergent. Safe for baby, simple ingredients, and it smells divine. This detergent can be hard to find – Amazon to the rescue!

Green Sprouts Bibs – Another baby product we get asked about all the time. These are our favorite bibs to nurse with. They’re thick, so spit up or milk doesn’t soak through. And the design is simple and neutral. Highly recommend… in fact, I think we just placed another order for more.

Green Sprouts Burp Cloths – Hands down our favorite burp cloths. The design on these are everything. They sit so nicely on your shoulder and stay put. The Muslin is nice and thick so it catches everything.

Earth Mama Diaper Balm – The only diaper balm we’ve ever used and we love it! Clears up diaper rash super quick, goes on nicely, and smells great. Best part, clean ingredients! Comes in yellow and green bottle.

Car Seat Protector – Mike found this and he did good, lol. The gray color and simple design matches the interior of our car perfectly. Since Harper’s feet don’t touch the back seat and she isn’t super mobile yet, I can’t speak on how well it protects the car. But, so far I really like it.

Newman’s Own Mints – I would get a pack of these from Whole Foods every now and again. Mike became obsessed, so we looked it up, and of course, Amazon sells them in a value pack. A great alternative to altoids, if you will, but less intense and better ingredients.

Changing Table Liners – These have saved us on so many instances. A must-have in my book. They wash well (in the laundry), don’t take up a ton of space, and save you from ruining your changing table covers. Another product I’ve been giving to expecting mom friends.

Seventh Generation Wipes – We originally started ordering this large box for our dogs. We’re anal clean, so we wipe their feet every time them come back into the house. We were originally getting packs from Target, but realized they had these jumbo boxes on Amazon. Super convenient and we love that they have good ingredients. We also use these when we run out of Harper’s Honest wipes.