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stripe tee + leather jacket Zara faux leather jacketPhotos by Natalie Dressed

Mossimo tee // Zara leather jacket (another great option) // Target skirt (similar) // Target clutch (similar) // Aldo pumps // J.Crew Factory crystal necklace // Brooklyn Designs Wish necklace

I’ve teamed up with Target to talk about my 2015 style resolutions. I mentioned here that my main goal for the new year was to expand my wardrobe beyond (ripped) denim and pumps. While I’m a denim girl at heart and love me some ripped jeans, I feel as though you all need more variety from me. Plus, as I get older and more mature (let’s hope), my style should reflect that. So, I guess you can say my 2015 style resolution is to step outside of my comfort zone and achieve a more grown-up version of my style. I want to incorporate more skirts, dresses, and trousers into my daily rotation and show you how I interpret more feminine pieces and make them my own.

Last year I really focused on building a classic and very wearable wardrobe that will stay relevant forever. I have a handful of pieces I’m still missing (a new trench coat sticks out right away), but I’m ready to tackle the unknown and add more variety to my closet.  I see so many pieces on other gals I love (pencil skirts, mini skirts, or over-the-knee boots), but have been too afraid to try. It’s one of those “oh that’s super cute, but so not me” thoughts that run through my mind. But this year, I’m challenging myself to go for it. I’m not going to be in a dress every day and I can’t guarantee too much color, but you will start seeing me in new silhouettes I’ve always loved but was too afraid to try.

Finding your personal style is a process and I know I’m still going through it. If you’re still trying to figure out yours, I challenge you to set some style resolutions. One thing I like to do is go through my Pinterest boards. What have you been pinning? Do you see a particular trend you love or maybe it’s a certain style? Then look through your closet and compare. Toss, sell, or donate what you don’t wear anymore and make conscious purchasing decisions that will help you achieve your dream style.

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