Weekend Recap 33

Happy Wednesday! I wasn’t able to get to writing this post until last night, so I figured, better late than never, even though it’s already mid week. Plus, I skipped last week’s WR and I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve caught up on life. We had a very productive weekend. Running errands, stopping into a restaurant we hadn’t been to in forever (that tomato soup was everything!), getting work done, and making final decisions and orders for our baby shower. Let me tell you, planning a baby shower that will be held in another state is not easy.

We still need to pick up some pumpkins! Also showing off my new Everlane booties.

These 2…Just love them to pieces.

New lashes from Lash & Beauty Lab.

Made it back to Piattino Restaurant

This diary-free tomato soup is amazing!

Pit stop at Barista.

Can’t stop wearing my new hat.

Tassel DIY in the making.

It’s finally starting to feel like fall and I must say, it’s been easier to dress myself than I thought. I’m wondering if it took some getting used to? I found a couple pairs of jeans I love and cardigans, jackets, and coats have been my best friend. It’s almost like if I can’t layer (aka it’s not cold enough), that’s when I struggle. Anyway, I’ll do a post dedicated to all the products I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy so far, maybe, in the next week or so.

I’m also excited to share, I got lash extensions! Cheri the owner of Lash & Beauty Lab in Portland reached out to see if I wanted to give them a try. I had been thinking about it for a long time and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! We chatted for a long time about everything lashes and she made me feel super comfortable about the whole process. She also reassured me, my natural lashes shouldn’t damage as long as I took care of my extensions the right way. Washing my face and taking off my makeup is a little more time consuming, but I really do love them so much. I think I’m also still getting used to them, so I’m really cautious about everything. I’ll keep you posted on upkeep and if it’s something that’s really realistic once baby D arrives.

My aunt, cousin, and I also tackled a baby shower DIY. It may have been my first and last craft DIY. I swear, anytime it says it’s a simple DIY, it always takes much longer. We made tassels for some balloons we’re using (like this). It took much longer than we thought, but once we got in our groove and figured out a couple things that weren’t noted in the instructions, we were good. I’m having them shipped to the Bay Area, so hopefully, they all don’t get ruined, lol.

Speaking of baby shower, it’s this coming Saturday! It’s turned out to be a huge production, but I think we have everything under control and Mike and I are both super excited. We decided on a coed baby shower and made it more of a get together to see all our family and friends. We just figured, we don’t see everyone anymore, so we might as well throw a party and have everyone there. You can follow our California trip this weekend on Instagram Stories.