Getting Back Into It with ASICS

This post was sponsored by Zappos.

Just after my 2 month postpartum mark I was determined to get back into my workout routine. I was doing workouts at home that were tailored to c-section recovery. I did a few weeks of that and life got in the way. Fast forward to today (or last week) and it’s been nearly a whole year of not working out. Having a baby and running a business from home full time is hard work and unfortunately, staying active has taken a back seat. But, last week I was cleaning out my closet and threw on some of my workout clothes to see what fit and what didn’t and I was completely inspired. I don’t know what happened – seeing myself in my old workout clothes, being reminded of how much I loved working out and how great it made me feel, really made me want to prioritize an active lifestyle.

This post isn’t about how I’m going to start the new year by working out, rather it’s about these ASICS GT-2000™ 7 sneakers. I haven’t had a proper running shoe in years and I could not be more excited to start up my workouts again with these. ASICS products are purpose-built and adaptable to take you through any sport, whichever that may be. Mike and I love doing a variety of active activities – tennis, runs, track workouts, and gym workouts – so I love that I can wear these with all my workouts. The new GT-2000™ 7 sneakers incorporate lighter and stronger materials, enhanced cushioning, and more energy with every step. They’re built to optimize your performance and take your runs to the next level.

Fit wise, I would say these run TTS. I like to order a half size up with my workout shoes, so I have a little room to breathe. These are a little bulkier than I would normally gravitate toward, but they’re so lightweight and comfortable. I’m wearing the Dark Gray White, but they come in an assortment of different colors. If you’re in the market for a pair of good quality running shoes, I would check out the new ASICS GT-2000™ 7 sneakers. And if you want fast, free shipping and returns, and a 365 return policy, be sure to do your holiday shopping with Zappos!